Airways Aviation Academy – ESMA

School Highlights

Airways Aviation Academy – ESMA was established in 1988 and the only multidisciplinary aeronautical school in Europe. In 2004, the academy set forth a cooperation agreement with Airbus and ATR which includes training of 400 Airbus pilots.

Then, in 2008, a joint venture has been established with Vietnam Airlines, and Hainan Airlines and partnership fostered with civil aviation authorities. It is also in 2008 when ESMA became the manager of the largest fleet of DIAMOND aircraft in Europe and the leader in ab initio aeronautical training on the French market.

It is located in Montpellier Mediterranean Airport, France. The location is suitable for flying training due to the mediterranean climate.

Why join Airways Aviation Academy – ESMA?

In October 2020, the flight school opened its EASA Integrated fATPL Integrated Course. It is designed to take you from no aviation experience (ab initio) to a qualified commercial pilot with a ‘frozen’ Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL). On graduation, you will be ready to begin your new career.

Training is done in a fleet of 23x Diamond DA40 Diamond Star, and 9x Diamond DA42 Twin Star.

The flight school is also equipped with four Flight simulators including two (2) FNPT2 / MCC ALSIM 200 simulators with 180 ° panoramic visual and two (2) FNPTII / DA42 Mechtronix simulators with 210 ° panoramic visual. 

Moreover, the flight school has twenty-one (21) classrooms equipped with video projection means, briefing and debriefing box, and mechanical and avionics maintenance for its aircraft.

Airways Aviation ESMA announced in 2022 that it has partnered with CAE to train the German Air Force.

Other educational tools include computer-based training (CBT), Photo cockpit, one (1) FMS Trainer (Airbus A330-340), Operations Room including access to meteorological observations, NOTAMs, flight plan repositories as in any operations room in airline.

Airways Aviation Academy – ESMA offers fully furnished residential accommodation within the campus. Students may opt to look for other options as the school provides a list of residences in close proximity to the school.

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Courses Offered

  • EASA Student Transfer
  • Modular Pilot Training France
  • EASA Integrated Pilot Training
  • Private Pilot Licence (PPL)
  • Structured Hours Building
  • Night Qualification
  • ATPL Theory
  • Multi Engine Piston Class Rating
  • Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)
  • Multi Engine Instrument Rating
  • Aircraft Maintenance Professional A-Level (Option Systems or Avionic)
  • Cabin Crew Attestation (CCA)
  • Flight Preparation Technician (TVP)
  • Multi-Disciplinary Airport Technician Training (TAP)
  • Passenger Service Agent Training (AEA)
  • Specialist Airport Technician Training (TSMA)
  • Specialist Commercial Agent Training (ACE)
  • Ticket and Travel Desk Agent Training (ADV)
  • TOEIC Preparation and Exam
  • Turnaround Coordinator (TFC)

Aircraft & Simulator


  • 23 Diamond DA40 Diamond Star
  • 9 Diamond DA42 Twin Star


  • 2 FNPT II/ MCC ALSIM 200
  • 2 FNPTII / DA42

Approvals & Partnerships


  • French Directorate General for Civil Aviation

Entry Requirements

  • At least 17 years old
  • Valid class 1 medical certificate
  • Proficiency in English language

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