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School Highlights

Aviomar Flight Academy is an internationally appreciated organization since over 40 years. We offer a wide range of aeronautical services and activities such as professional and private pilot training, aerial work, aircraft maintenance and sales.

Founded by Capt. Riccardo Marano, our professional flight centre comprises of specialized staff, formed by highly qualified instructors and some of the most experienced professionals in Italy and Europe. Over one thousand Pilots have trained in our ATO.

Aviomar has two locations in Rome: The first training centre at Urbe Airport has one of the largest fleets in Italy with 22 aircraft. An Alsim ALX 500 FNPTII simulator is also housed in this facility. The second training centre north of Rome features both our fixed-based and full-flight simulators: Cessna Citation 650 FFS, Boeing 737-800W FNPTII, and Boeing 737-800 FFS. All our FSTDs are certified by ENAC/EASA and used exclusively for professional pilot training.

Courses Offered

    • Private Pilot Course PPL
    • Light Aircraft Pilot Course LAPL
    • Airline Transport Pilot License – ATPL Integrated
    • Commercial Pilot License CPL
    • Distance Learning Courses
    • License Conversion
    • Ryanair Mentored Ab-initio Course
    • Gateway 1: Modular (CPL/IR/MEP/APS MCC)
    • Gateway 2: Airline Pilot Standards MCC (A)
    • Gateway 3: Career Flight Instructor
    • Instrument Rating – IR
    • Performance Based Navigation – PBN
    • Class Rating SEP
    • Class Rating MEP
    • Class Rating Pilatus PC6
    • Class Rating Cessna SET
    • Type Rating C501/551
    • Type Rating C650
    • Type Rating HS125
    • Type Rating EMB135/145
    • Type Rating B737-300/900
    • Type Rating A320
    • Type Rating CCQ A340
    • Type Rating CCQ A320
    • Base Training Falcon 50/900
    • Base Training Falcon 7X
    • Base Training Falcon 900EX Easy
    • Flight Instructor VFR – FI
    • Instrument Rating Instructor – IRI
    • Class Rating Instructor – CRI
    • Type Rating Instructor – TRI/SFI
    • MCC – MCCI Instructor
    • TRE-SFE-CRE Examiners
    • TRI/SFI Refresher Seminar
    • Airline Pilot Standards MCC
    • Multi-Crew Coordination – MCC
    • Advanced UPRT
    • Aviation English
    • AirCrew & OPS Regulation Courses
    • Jet Orientation Course – JOT
    • Difference Training
    • Assessment Preparation Course
    • Dangerous Goods Course

Aircraft & Simulator


  • 11 Cessna 152
  • 3 Cessna 172 Skyhawk
  • 3 Cessna 172RG
  • 1 Piper PA34-200
  • 1 Piper PA23-250T
  • 1 Diamond DA42

Our fleet is maintained by a dedicated in-house EASA maintenance centre and all aircraft are fitted with similar equipment and avionics, thus ensuring no disorientation or diversity when flying with different aircraft during the delicate phases of training.


  • Alsim ALX 500 – FNPTII MCC
  • Cessna Citation 650 FFS
  • Boeing 737-800 Fixed-base FNPTII MCC
  • Boeing 737-800W FFS

All our FSTDs are certified by ENAC/EASA and are used exclusively for professional pilot training. Training on one of our simulators allows pilots to practice normal and non-normal operations using latest-generation technology in highly reliable equipment, being reliability a key factor in professional pilot training.



Approvals & Partnerships


  • Approved Training organisation certificate – IT.ATO.0003
  • Continuing Airworthiness Maintenance Organisation certificate CAMO – IT.MG.1034
  • Approved Maintenance Organisation certificate AMO – IT.AMO.0005
  • Aerial Work Operator Certificate – COLA
  • ELPE Test Certification (English Language Proficiency Examination)


Ryanair Training Partner
Aviomar Flight Academy is a selected training partner of Ryanair. Through our Ryanair mentored courses, students commence their training route into Ryanair from day 1 in a standardised and structured training programme.

Partnership with Banks
Aviomar, in collaboration with leading banks in Italy, offers loan programme for our ATPL, APS MCC, CPL, and FI courses. This financing opportunity greatly helps qualified students to complete their flight training course and fulfil their dreams of becoming a pilot.

We have two advantageous financing options:

  • Intesa Sanpaolo Finanziamento per Merito
  • Prestito BNL Futuriamo

For more details about our approvals and partnerships, visit www.aviomar.org

Entry Requirements

  • The minimum age for a PPL is 17 years old, however you may start training at the age of 16.
  • The type of medical certificate required varies on the course. Please refer to the specific course page for further details.
  • Good knowledge of mathematics and physics
  • For minors: guardian’s consent/release for flight training
  • Additional requirements may be needed based on the course type. For more details, please refer to the specific course page.

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