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F AIR is the leading flight school in Central Europe located near Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, surrounded by Germany, Austria, Slovak Republic and Poland. With more than 32 years of history, F AIR is the largest flight school in Central and Eastern Europe, focusing on students from Central Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East. With more than 43+ modern aircraft, 4 bases, 2 simulators on site, modern facilities, accommodation for individuals and also large student groups, complete services for students, including visa arrangements, relocation services, is the best choice for your start in the pilot career, renewal of your ratings or revalidations.

We offer one-on-one training and large group training for pilots. We have trained more than 2500 graduates with more than 40 nationalities. Safety and exceptional quality are our top priorities and there have been no fatal injuries in our training history.

Our facilities are located near Prague in Benešov, Karlovy Vary, Brno and Příbram. During the flight training you will fly not only on small grass airfields, but mainly on the international airports in Karlovy Vary and Brno. The Czech Republic is located in the heart of Europe, which gives you the opportunity to make international flights to Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia and Italy, just to name a few countries where you will fly during your training.

Consider Prague and its beauty – called the queen of cities, the jewel in the heart of Europe, the city of a hundred towers, the mother of all cities. Although Prague is in the center of modern Europe, it has retained all its medieval and romantic charm, secrets and names. If the maxim is to see Rome and die, the opposite is true for Prague: once you see it, you will want to move here and study. And if you are interested in studying for a longer period of time, we will arrange combined training at the renowned Czech Technical University. The Professional Pilot Program is a 3-year full-time bachelor’s degree program. The program focuses on the training of commercial pilots as part of the integrated ATPL(A) training. The theoretical training is provided by the Faculty of Transport Sciences and our flight schools provide the practical part of the training.

You will fly with modern airplanes from Tecnam. An Italian aircraft manufacturer that develops airplanes with the help of passion for flying. Excellent handling, comfort and safety, together with the beaty, are the main components of these reliable modern aircraft. We also have a Cessna fleet for students who prefer this type of aircraft. Our flight school has a green certificate for the use of environmentally friendly Rotax engines that produce the lowest possible CO2 emissions throughout their life cycle, as well as an environmentally friendly approach to all operations, including recycling and low energy consumption.

The training consists of a succession of modules covering increasing competence levels: PPL (A) – Night VFR – Time building – IR (A) SEP – MEP – IR (A) SEP /MEP – CPL (A) – AUPRT – MCC. If you pass all modules, you are eligible to attend a type rating course where you will be trained on the aircraft you will fly commercially upon graduation. Type rating flight training is organized by our partner airlines.

When you choose to train with us, you will be contacted by our friendly and professional staff who will guide you from A to Z through the entire process of your successful career path. Please contact us so we can assure you that you will become a professional pilot with us.


Courses Offered

Licence Courses:

  • ATP Integrated Course
  • CPL/IR Integrated Course
  • CPL Integrated/Modular Course
  • MPL – Core Phase
  • Private Pilot Licence Course
  • Light Aircraft Pilot Licence Course
  • Ultralight Pilot Licence Course
  • ATPL Theory Course
  • APS MCC Enhanced Multi Crew Cooperation Training to Airline Pilot Standards
  • AUPRT Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training
  • Multi Engine Pistons Rating
  • Instrument Rating Multi-Engine
  • Instrument Rating Single-Engine
  • VFR Night Rating

Special Courses:

  • Aerobatics Course
  • High Performance Airplanes Theory Course
  • AP68TP-600 Type Rating
  • Beech 400/MU300 Base Training
  • Short Fields Landings Safety Course
  • Cross Wind Landings Safety Course
  • English Level Proficiency Exam

Instructor Qualifications:

  • Flight Instructor
  • Instrument Rating Instructor
  • Class Rating Instructor (SEP/MEP)
  • Multi Crew Cooperation Instructor
  • Advanced UPRT Instructor

Skill Test/Proficiency checks/Renewals:

  • PPL(A)/LAPL(A)
  • CPL(A)
  • IR(A)
  • FI(A)
  • CRI(A)
  • SEP Land
  • MEP Land
  • ULL(A)


Aircraft & Simulator


  • 9 Tecnam P2002 JF
  • 7 Tecnam P2006T
  • 16 Cessna 150/172
  • 3 Piper 28/32
  • 1 Slingsby T67M
  • 1 Cirrus SR22T G3
  • 7 Tecnam ULL

Flight Simulators:

  • Flight simulator Mechtronix FNPT II/MCC
  • Flight simulator SoftekSim FNPT II

Approvals & Partnerships

  • CZ ATO-001 Civil Aviation Authority of the Czech Republic under EASA
  • LAA – Light Aircraft Asocciation CZ 16/93
  • CAAC – Part 141 #V42R04
  • CAAV – #00616
  • UAE – GCAA Authorization MPL Core Phase
  • ICAO English – CZ / ICAO English 02
  • CAO – Combined Air Worthiness Organisation CZ.CAO.0045
  • ISO9001
  • Green School

Entry Requirements

  • Must be able to read, write and speak English.
  • Must have completed high school or home country equivalent.

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