Flight School Services

Aviationfly provides flight schools with three solutions

Assisting Flight Schools in the acquisition of products and services

We have developed a marketplace where training organizations can post, for FREE, their request for proposals (RFP) for any kind of pilot training product or service that they are looking for – check out the existing requests for proposals here. A training organization can decide if they would like to post this anonymously and can communicate with the Aviationfly team their preferences in terms of supplier for their requirement. Through this process a training organization can potentially see significant cost savings and identify suppliers which might not have been known of before.

The marketplace also lists and contains detailed information on a large number of suppliers to the pilot training industry and training organizations can contact these directly through their profile in the marketplace. You can find a list of suppliers to the pilot training industry here.

For more information please send us a message through the Contact Us page.


While it is FREE to list your Pilot Training organization on the Aviationfly website we do offer a premium product for Flight Schools.


Partner Flight School Subscription

Flight Schools, from around the globe, can partner with Aviationfly to become a Premium Partner Flight School – the benefits of becoming a partner are:

  • Connecting Partner Flight School to a larger number of potential students – we are currently registering over 1,000 aspiring pilots per month! Our team engages with each one of those registrations, shows them our partner flight school’s and filters them to determine their training country preference, if they have budgeted the right amount for training and a few other factors. If an aspiring pilot picks one of our partner flight schools our team then nurtures and guides them until the point where the enrolment formed is signed.
  • Increased Brand Exposure - our Website currently gets over 23,000 visits per month while through our social media platforms we have an organic reach of over 200,000 per month (which is made up of both aspiring pilots and industry stakeholders). Partner Flight Schools get premium positioning on our website through the subscription.

The advantage of our partner flight school subscription service is that it provides flight schools with access to aspiring pilots from an extremely large geographical region which a flight school’s normal marketing activities would not target.

The cost of this subscription is a nominal monthly fee plus a long-term referral agreement.

For more information please send us a message through the Contact Us page.


Advisory Services (Merger & Acquisitions/Management Consultancy)

Aviationfly has a team of experienced industry professionals which specialize in the following areas:

  • Merger & Acquisition advisory – are you looking to invest in the sector/buy another flight school/raise growth capital/sell your school? Then send us a message to find out how we can assist you. Our team has a background in Investment Banking, Private Equity and can provide an advisory role to your M&A initiative.
  • Management consultancy – if you are looking for information on how to grow your flight school business, a specific market or potential customers then please contact us to see how we could assist you.
  • Digital Marketing – our team has deep technical knowledge of digital marketing activities (including SEO, Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn)

For more information please send us a message through the Contact Us page.


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