ALSIM – Flight Simulation Training Devices


Simulator Manufacturers

  • Specializes in: FNPT II Simulators - Generic and Type-specific simulators (Diamond DA40/DA42, Cessna 172)
  • Product/Service's:

    ALSIM offers 3 generic and 4 type-specific simulators:

    • ALX, generic simulator with up to 4 classes of aircraft and 10 flight models in only one device.
    • AL250, fast reconfigurable and compact SEP/MEP simulator.
    • AIRLINER, new versatile hybrid jet device (B737/A320), designed to address medium to large ATO's needs for advanced MCC, APS MCC, JOC, LOFT and UPRT training, as well as airline selections.
    • AL42, exact replica of Diamond DA42.
    • AL40, exact replica of Diamond DA40.
    • AL40/42, reconfigurable Diamond DA40 & DA42 simulator.
    • AL172, exact replica of Cessna 172 SP Skyhawk Nav III.

    ALSIM also provides a comprehensive range of services:

    • Training: Maintenance, Instructor Operating System and Certification courses to make you the real operator of your simulator.
    • Installation: From a new simulator installation to a secure relocation or sale of your old device.
    • Certification: Trainings, Qualification Test Guides (QTG) and Qualification support.
    • Maintenance: Always by your side, no matter where you are.
    • Updates and Upgrades: Stay at the cutting edge of technology with our constant innovations.
    Company Description

    ALSIM has been developing and manufacturing FAA & EASA certified FNPT II, FNPT II MCC flight simulators since 1994. ALSIM is well recognized for its know-how, based on 25 years of experience. We're proud to say our hardware & software is made 100% in house, which means peace of mind for our customers. ALSIM's main objective relies on innovation: we aim to anticipate our client's needs and remain at the cutting edge of technology.

    Today, we have more than 400 devices installed in more than 50 countries, with over 300 clients.
    We have a worldwide presence with 3 strategic locations: France (HQ), USA and China.

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