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    Flight School Management and Scheduling Software

    Company Description

    First-Solo is a cloud-based solution for flight school management. It integrates student scheduling, syllabus management, maintenance records, accounting and other features. It is designed to be used from web or mobile and can be used from both laptop and desktop as well as tablets and smartphones.  

    First-Solo’s scheduling software will allow dispatchers to easily rearrange schedules in the cases where aircraft maintenance or weather conditions mean that the original plan needs to be changed. It will also provide a mechanism for optimizing scheduling to get more flight hours out of your fleet each week.

    General Application Details:

    • Cloud hosted (Even for VFR Flights). Nothing to install
    • Onboarding assistance
    • Simple per tail number pricing model
    • Designed to help retain students and simplify dispatch
    • Integrations to other applications by Zapier


    Calendar Page

    • Page Updates in real time
    • Flights are color coded by type (Solo, duel, checkride, vfr/ifr etc)
    • Flights can be moved via drag and drop
    • ADS-B flight tracking
    • Pilot contact details
    • Automatic text message notifications of changes
    • Tools for helping dispatchers rearrange flights when an aircraft is grounded or similar issues

    Calendar Packing Tool

    Will move flights between aircraft to maximise aircraft availability.

    • Fully automatic
    • Finds time that otherwise would not be able to be flown

    Flight Booking Page

    • Connects flight to specific lesson
    • Will find free aircraft for student
    • Mobile-friendly
    • Allows schools to prioritise specific aircraft for maintenance scheduling
    • Will be aware of 50 & 100 hour maintenance schedules

    Aircraft Reserve Page

    If you need to hold an aircraft in reserve for a few days this will prevent it from being booked. Therefore if you know that some airplane will need to be down for 2 days for a 100 hour inspection, but not which one reserve one here, and change it when you know which one.

    Student Listing Page

    • Show all students
    • Assign students to instructors
    • Allows students to track progress
    • Integration with google calendar

    Student Detail Page

    • Shows past and current flights
    • Flight distances are computed automatically for cross country flights
    • Student can edit details
    • Notes page can track other details for record keeping

    Student Syllabus Page

    • Shows past and current flights
    • Allows students and staff to understand their training

    Additional features will be out soon!

    For more information, you may visit or send us a message by clicking the CONTACT button.

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