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  • Specializes in:   Solutions for Pilot Training Centers, Part 141/61 Flight Schools, Colleges, and Flying Clubs    
  • Product/Service's:
    • Scheduling Hub - Resource Utilization, Intuitive, Customization, Easy to Use
    • Training Hub - Visibility and Communication that helps retain Students, Instructors, and Staff
    • Billing Hub - Integrated Point of Sale Solution
    • Maintenance Solutions - Built-In Tools to keep Aircraft Airworthy and Compliant
    • Interactive Reports with Rich Customization
    • iPad / iPhone App with Offline Lesson Grading
    Flight Schedule Pro
    Company Description

    Flight Schedule Pro is the industry-leading software platform used by flight schools and provides digital solutions for airplane scheduling, student training records, and billing. What started as a basic online airplane scheduling program has evolved into a full-service software solution that eliminates the need for paper-record keeping at flight schools, greatly simplifying and automating the routine tasks among students, CFIs and flight school management.


    Case Studies from among Clients


    Case Study 1 - Gaining 30% to 50% Efficiency Using FSP

    The Challenge

    As US Aviation grew, they increased students, instructors and aircraft, plus added locations. They tried using other software and even a custom-built, proprietary software to handle their growth. But they experienced excessive downtime that left them scrambling to spreadsheets and considering the return to paper processes. It was bad enough in the afternoons, as more users entered the software, they could only look at the schedule, but couldn’t reserve flights or make edits.

    Key Points

    • Performance to handle up to 500 flight hours per day
    • Needs to allow 400-500 users at once without crashes
    • Have Data Integrity that our team can trust is accurate
    • Good electronic record keeping for Part 141 program

    Justin Sykes, from US Aviation also commented that one cloud-based software they tried had decent scheduling, but it didn’t sync with their training courses and did not sync to student billing and accounting.

    The Solution

    Flight Schedule Pro (FSP): Scheduling Hub, Training Hub, Billing Hub and credit card processing integrated into one system. Justin said he chose FSP because it was intuitive and easy to use.

    Their favorite features are 141 Record Keeping, Powerful Scheduling, and Instructors “Recommend for Graduation” setting that improves quality of graduates, completing the program. Also being able to invoice and receive payments from an airline sponsor vs. the student and blocking reservations when students have negative balances. FSP has given them the option for self-dispatch which they always wanted to offer.

    The Results

    The overall ease-of-use is exactly what US Aviation was looking for. Time satsifying audits has been cut by 50%. Self-service dispatching has reduced dispatching labor by 30%. Increased visibility into balances owed, means less time pursuing students for money. The system is efficient and keeps them from losing thousands each year in errors and missed invoicing. “Finally…everyone is on the same page!”


    Case Study 2 - Flight School Increases Aircraft Utilization Over 20% Using FSP

    The Challenge

    Back when NFT was a small flight school with two planes and a couple of instructors, their old, simple software worked just fine. As they started to grow and add resources, they found that their old software was not scalable. As they grew, new problems arose as scheduling and utilization became more complex.

    Key Points

    • Software had to scale upwards as business grew
    • The platform had to be simple, yet handle complexity
    • Had to be easy to use with a short learning curve
    • Interface had to look 4.0 and be visually pleasing

    NFT’s old software did not keep track of aircraft maintenance, squawks were not communicated, their was no tracking of student progress and student records were not accessible online. There was a complete breakdown in running the operation efficiently.

    The Solution

    Flight Schedule Pro: Scheduling Hub, Training Hub and Billing Hub with ProPay credit card processing for one complete integrated solution.

    FSP’s Onboarding Process gave NFT confidence to move into a new operating system and within days, all data was migrated over. It was an exciting time because the entire staff felt that they were stepping into the future with a new software and fresh look that would make work easier.

    According to NFT’s president and owner, Chris Erlanson, they literally did training over a 10-minute “taco” lunch. The team had a quick briefing, they showed them the main functionality and training was done.

    The Results

    Since onboarding with Flight Schedule Pro, NFT has seen 20%+ increase in aircraft utilization and therefore an increase in program graduate success. The software allows the school to connect great instructors with great aircraft and fulfill thousands of people’s dreams of flying.


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    Client Testimonials

    Flight Schedule Pro gives the CFI and customer a good guideline and takes the guess work out of training. Everyone’s on the same page when it comes to standards and course content. A main factor is the reduction of paper records which is very time consuming and easy too easy to make errors.

    Michael Kopera | Apollo Helicopters


    Flight Schedule Pro has been a great asset that has saved our company time and resources, while also giving our clients the freedom and flexibility they need to create and modify their flights.

    Nick Faber | Brampton Flight Centre

    Flight Schedule Pro