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Simulator Manufacturers

  • Specializes in: Fixed Base Simulators (FTD) & Flight Management Systems (FMS) Trainer
  • Product/Service's:
    • Airbus A320 Fixed base Simulator (CEO/NEO)
    • Boeing B737 Fixed base Simulator (NG/MAX)
    • Generic Jet Fixed base Simulator
    • Flight Management System Trainer (B737/A320)
    MPS Flight Simulators FTD Simulator Cockpit
    Company Description

    MPS (Multi Pilot Simulations) was founded in 2007 and develops, manufactures, installs and maintains type specific fixed base simulators. It's MPS Flight Simulators - flight simulation training devices (FSTD) are used by the professional flight training industry with many simulators installed across the world.

    MPS Flight Simulators specializes in the following types:

    • Boeing B737NG
    • Boeing B737MAX
    • Airbus A320Ceo
    • Airbus A320Neo
    • Generic Jets

    Often all type rating training is done on costly full flight simulators but EASA and FAA currently allow for a multitude of training tasks to be done on a fixed based simulator. MPS flight simulators are designed and have the right quality for almost all forms of multi pilot LOFT training.

    MPS flight simulators are designed to provide the most optimal flight training experience. The design of the simulator and the instructor operation station (IOS) ensures both a user-friendly interface and ease of operation, allowing instructor and crew to get the most out of every training session.

    By using MPS flight simulators operators lower the cost of acquisition as well as the cost of operation and can increase the amount of flight training for their pilots

    MPS prides itself on working directly with the customer to provide solutions to meet additional training needs, whether it is before or after purchase of the device.

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    MPS Flight Simulators FTD Simulator Cockpit