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  • Specializes in: The most advanced and up to date ground school materials for ATOs and trainee commercial pilots studying for their PPL, CPL or ATPL pilot licences.
  • Product/Service's:
    Theory books and ATO resources for: 
    • Pilot Foundation Course
    • Private Pilot Licence (PPL-A)
    • Commerical Pilot Licence (CPL-A)
    • Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL-A)
    • Competency-Based Instrument Rating (CBIR)
    • Coming Soon: Airline Transport Pilot Licence - Helicopters (ATPL-H)
    Padpilot - Digital Publisher of Pilot Training Theory Materials
    Company Description

    Padpilot is the leading publisher of aviation theory materials for ATOs and trainee pilots. 

    Using the latest technology, Padpilot creates the most up to date and immersive ground school materials; from early foundational knowledge to ATPL qualification. Since launching our pioneering digital iPad ATPL books in 2011, Padpilot have sold more than 180,000 manuals and provide ground school materials to ATOs and universities across the world, as well as for individual download.

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    Client Testimonials

    "As an approved training provider, having compared the material offered by other providers, I believe Padpilot’s books are leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. Plus, the support they offer is second to none."

    - CTKI, Cat3C Ground School, UK

    “Our students achieved a 100% pass rate in their recent ATPL exams at the October exam sittings - we are delighted for them! We couldn't have done it without Padpilot."

    - ASG, Ireland

    "As a former Navy pilot and now ATPL theory instructor, I like Padpilot's interactivity and learning style. It's something I needed when I was studying and for that reason it's a good tool for students."

     - Patricia Campos Domenech, Panamedia International Flight School, Mallorca

    “I initially started my ATPLs with a different provider and got nowhere until I purchased the Padpilot iBooks. 6 months and fourteen exams later, I was done. Can highly recommend them!’

    - @igstudentpilots

    Padpilot - Digital Publisher of Pilot Training Theory Materials