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  • Specializes in: Manufacture of Fixed Base simulators (FBS) and simulation environments with Virtual Reality
  • Product/Service's:
    • FBS : A320 FTD 1 and 2, Fensome 360 Convertible 3 in 1 SEP/MEP/A320 or B737, FNPT II+MCC, SEP/MEP
    • SMC Suite: Software applications for flight simulation
    • EASA 1&2, FAA 5&6
    • Simloc has signed an agreement with ASTI (ASTI´s Simulated Environment for realistic ATC (SERA) creates a dynamic, artificially intelligent environment filled with other aircraft and air traffic controllers) which adds value to training
    Simloc Research - Fixed Base Simulator
    Company Description

    Simloc Research is a Spanish company dedicated to the manufacture of certifiable FBS (Fixed Base Simulator) type flight training devices.

    Its success lies in its ability to develop hardware and software, which allows it to offer comprehensive civil and defense simulation solutions to the national and international market, unique for their value for money.

    Simloc has launched in 2020 a revolutionary simulator, the Fensome Convertible 360 3-in-1, SEP/MEP/A320, which integrates three aircraft configurations in the same cabin for training from ab initio to jet.

    In the Defense area, Simloc is developing hardware, software and virtual reality projects for the training of combat pilots at a national and international level.


    We offer:

    The Revolution in Flight Simulation - Fensome Convertible 360 3-in-1

    AATD (FAA) - Flight Simulation Training Device

    • Your full range training device.
    • From Ab Initio to Jet Training.
    • Three generic simulation configurations:
    1. Single Engine Piston (SEP)
    2. Multi Engine Piston (MEP)
    3. Jet Trainer*

    *Airbus A320 Data Package option for specific training

    Key Specifications

    • 3 in 1: Generic SEP + MEP + A320 Cockpit Replica.
    • Complete set of instruments and avionics replica.
    • ATC Simulation Software.
    • Full immersive visual system 200°/45° (3 Channels Direct Projection).
    • Integrated Simulator Management Control Suite (IOS).


    A320 Fixed Base Simulator - The Ultimate Flight Simulation Tool

    Airbus A320 - EASA FTD 1+MCC / FTD 5

    3 Channel Direct View* + Cockpit Replica + Software based on FTD 1 Data Package Airbus

    *Collimated Visual System Optional


    Airbus A320 - EASA FTD 2+MCC / FAA FTD 6

    Collimated Visual System + Cockpit Replica + Software based on FTD 2 Data Package Airbus


    Simulator Management Control Suite (IOS)

    Design is customized in accordance with customer training requirements.


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    Client Testimonials

    Simloc's A320 simulator is our springboard into the future. Thanks to it, we will be able to extraordinarily facilitate our students' access to airlines and have airline pilots for their recurring training.

    Juan Manuel Martín, CEO of Aerodynamics

    My goal was to get a simulator with a spacious cabin, type A320 or B737, with three types of aircraft inside, two light aircraft and one jet. What impressed me the most was the enthusiasm of the team to find a solution to all my requests. When they explained the system to me I thought the result was brilliant.

    Terry Fensome, CEO of Fensome Airline Careers

    Simloc Research - Fixed Base Simulator