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Pilot Assessment

  • Specializes in: Pilot Aptitude Testing, Instructor Capability Assessments, Aviation Psychology Consultation and Solutions
  • Product/Service's:

    Ab-initio / Cadet assessments

    • Online tests supporting selection including Personality Questionnaire, Maths, Physics, Cognitive Reasoning, FAST, Coordination, English Language. (Full list of available tests below).
    • Pre-screening candidate web portal to capture relevant candidate data, enabling individuals to apply for training and complete customised pre-screening questions including eligibility criteria.
    • Video Interviews with Psychologists
    • Online Group Exercises
    • Onsite Candidate Assessments
    • Interviewer and Assessor Training
    • MindQ – Mental Health Risk Assessment
    • Our full range of online tests include:
        • Aviation Knowledge
        • Aviation Situation Judgement
        • Crew Resource Management
        • Conflict Handling
        • Cognitive Reasoning
        • Control and Coordination
        • Emotional Intelligence
        • English Language
        • FAST - Future Aptitude Selection Tool
        • Fault Diagnosis
        • Flight Test
        • Instructor Capabilities
        • Logical Reasoning
        • Maths Progressive
        • Motivation Drivers
        • Mechanical Reasoning
        • Personality Questionnaire
        • Physics Progressive
    • Optionally incorporate your test, eLearning and supporting content to provide candidates with a seamless process.
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    Company Description

    Using their ADAPT Pilot Assessment & Selection Tool, Symbiotics Ltd helps organisations deliver Pilot Aptitude Testing systems within their company that measure the 8 pilot competencies in a robust and effective way. We work to implement IATA, ICAO and EASA best practice assessment and selection processes into airlines and ATOs. We combine in-house technical capability and psychology expertise to achieve best in class aviation assessment programmes that accurately predict the future success of candidates for training, recruitment, command upgrade or flight instruction.

    • 5,500 tests completed monthly across 130 locations throughout 80 countries.
    • Aligns with IATA guidance and best practice
    • Owners of the ADAPT online assessment and selection system capturing data from multiple stages of the process to provide an integrated report output
    • GDPR compliant and ISO9001:2015 accredited
    • Over two decades of relevant industry experience and benchmark data to support your assessment programmes

    Existing Clients:

    • CAE
    • Air Asia
    • Eastern Airways
    • Easyjet
    • Flightrule Aviation Services LLP
    • Indigo
    • Jet Aviation
    • Jet Airways
    • JetBlue Airways
    • Jetstar
    • Kuwait Airways
    • Ingold Aviation
    • Mab Academy
    • Malaysia Airlines
    • MJet
    • NAC Nelson Aviation College
    • Oman Aviation Academy
    • Alpha Aviation Academy
    • Oxford Saudia
    • South West Airlines
    • Viet Flight Training

    Client Testimonial

    OxfordSaudia has recently begun using Symbiotics' ADAPT process to screen pilots for its flight program that culminates in an A320 Type Rating. We wanted a screening program that would remove subjectivity from our selection process and give our managers confidence in the selection of our pilots. Working with the Symbiotics' team of professionals has been a smooth process and they continue to support our staff with a quality effort. They present the results in a clear and easy to understand way allowing us to make decisions quickly and efficiently. The comprehensive set of exams allow for a full understanding of the potential of each candidate. They quickly respond to questions or concerns prior to, during or after each exam regardless of the remote location and time zone we operate from. We would highly recommend their product or process for any school or airline looking to ensure the highest quality candidate for the airlines.

    Captain Larry Wade, Chief Executive Officer, OxfordSaudia

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