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Virtual Reality Training Solutions

  • Specializes in: Virtual reality training tools for pilot training
  • Product/Service's:
    • VRflow: the interactive cockpit flow trainer, a portable flow trainer for aircraft familiarization, type ratings, etc.
    • VRbasic: the next-gen basic flight trainer, a flight simulator based in virtual reality for basic VFR and IFR training.
    • VRguide: a 360 degree video platform for classroom instruction or solo use.
    VRpilot - Virtual Reality Flight Training Device
    Company Description

    VRpilot is a Danish company that designs, manufactures, and sells Virtual Reality (VR) flight training devices for professional use. Designed for maximum immersion, their simulators are efficient tools for basic flight training, emergency procedure training, cockpit familiarization, and countless other uses for ATOs and operators as well as the ambitious home pilot.

    VRpilot creates virtual reality flight training devices for basic flight training and procedure training.


    • VRflow is an interactive cockpit procedure trainer built on VR. Incorporating advanced learning technologies and interactive training scenarios, VRflow is an extremely efficient tool for both initial and recurring training for students as well as flight crew. Flight crews will not only learn faster and remember better – VRflow features decision making training, which will improve pilot performance when most needed.
    • VRbasic is designed for basic flight training where the student must learn the fundamental stick-and-rudder skills of flying. Virtual Reality dramatically improves the outcome of training basic flying skills in a simulator. This means shorter training time, fewer retraining hours, and cost savings for the students and the flying school.
    • [NEW PRODUCT] VRguide is a 360 degree video platform for classroom instruction or solo use. Watch instructional videos with others, pause and discuss, point out details and much more without sitting in the same room. Flying schools can record their own 360 degree video material, upload it to the cloud, and instantly make it accessible to their organization's headsets for instructional use.


    • VRpilot tailors their products to each customer’s SOPs and aircraft types.
    • VRpilot relies on years of experience with VR technologies.
    • The VRpilot team consists of pilots, 3D artists and software engineers who combine their fields of expertise to create efficient training tools that add value to flight schools and aircraft operators.

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    Client Testimonial/s

    "VRflow is visionary and of high quality - it is without comparison the most innovative contribution to the pilot training industry I have seen in years."

    - Klaus Romme, ATR 42/72 captain, CEO and Head of Training at Horisont ATO

    VRpilot - Virtual Reality Flight Training Device