Wright Brothers Flight Technology


Simulator Manufacturers

  • Specializes in: FNPT II and Fixed Base Simulators FTD Level 1 and 2
  • Product/Service's:
    • Cessna C-172 Fixed base Simulator
    • Boeing B737NG Fixed base Simulator
    • Boeing B737MAX Fixed base Simulator
    • Airbus A320 Ceo Fixed base Simulator
    • Airbus A320 Neo Fixed base Simulator
    • Diamond DA 40/42 Fixed base Simulator
    Wright Brothers Flight Technology
    Company Description

    Wright Brothers Flight Technology was founded to meet the global requirement for effective low-cost flight simulation products and dynamic airport demo systems. The Dutch-based company is a subsidiary to the 2014 established concern in China. Together with the flight school in the USA, the Wright Brothers encompass the complete business vertical of professional flight training through simulator solutions, lease services, and involvement in flight training organizations. The company developed a product line with type-specific professional flight training devices to cater to the needs of airlines and training centers.


    The company offers simulators in the following fidelity levels:

    -       EASA FNPT II (+MCC), FTD 1 and FTD 2

    -       FAA Level 5 and Level 6

    -       CAAC Level 5

    Additionally the company offers stand-alone FMS trainer to support flight training at all levels.

    The type-specific flight models include:

    -       Cessna C-172

    -       Boeing B737NG and B737MAX

    -       Airbus A320 Ceo/Neo*

    -       Diamond DA 40/42*

    *available at the end of 2020


    Services offered through the company:

    -       Disruptive, unmatched price levels

    -       Two years warranty

    -       Simulated or rehosted FMS upon customer request

    -       Flexible design to allow for custom configuration (e.g. visual system, aft cabin)

    -       Short backorder time (typically 3 to 4 months)

    -       Professional service apparatus and support throughout and beyond certification

    -       Convenient and affordable service packages after the warranty period


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    Wright Brothers Flight Technology