Aviation News Update – Week 10th of August

Aviation News Update – Week 10th of August

Every Monday Aviationfly releases the latest Marketplace Request for Proposals, Supplier Directory updates and Aviation Industry news headlines from the previous week. Here is a recap of last week:

  • Aviationfly Marketplace Update - latest Requests for Proposals
    • Asian Pilot Training Group is looking for an Airbus A320 FNPT II
    • MENA Client is looking for an Airbus A320 Full Flight Simulator
    • African Client is looking for an ERJ 145 Full Flight Simulator
    • New startup African Client is looking for an A320 FTD possibly A320 Full Flight Simulator
    • Asian Pilot Training Group looking for Diamond DA40/DA42NG Aircraft (leasing option preferred)
    • Asian Client is looking for multiple devices (FTD & FNPT II)
    • Pilot Training Group is looking for a Flight School with T-6 aircraft for institutional contract

Aviation Industry News:

  • Aviationfly releases AOC Directory industry collaborative Google Sheet for the Pilot community to assist in the job search
    Aviationfly together with the assistance of Aviation Industry LinkedIn members started putting together a list of all the AOC operators in different countries.
    Link to the AOC Directory here.
  • Global Pilot Training Group CAE released it quarterly results and Aviationfly summarized the key findings
    Find out about how CAE performed during the lockdown quarter (period ending June 30, 2020), what their strategy is moving forward and where they see a lot of potential.
    Link to Aviationfly's review of CAE Quarter Earnings
  • Simulator Training Group, SIMCOM, expands Headquarters
    SIMCOM International, Inc. is expanding and building a new worldwide headquarters in Orlando, Florida. The company, which currently operates two learning centers in Orlando, is investing $109 million in a new headquarters and training facility and plans to create more than 50 new high wage jobs over the next two years. The new location will house a state-of-the-art training center including the addition of five new CAE full-flight simulators.
    Source and discussion through this link.
  • Keilir Aviation Academy and the Icelandic Flight School recently merged under the name Iceland Aviation Academy.
    The Icelandic Flight School was established in 1998 and had until last Spring graduated over 2,000 students including 883 from their ATPL program. Since Keilir Aviation Academy was established a decade ago, the school has graduated over 400 professional pilot students. Combined, the schools have thus graduated on average more than 70 professional ATPL pilots annually over the past two decades, a number that has been steadily rising over the past few years.
    Source and discussion through this link.
  • Halldale announces webinar on the use of FFS, FTD and other new technology (26th of August)
    Hosted by Former Airbus VP, Capt Jacques Drappier the webinar will feature leading fixed base simulator manufactuer MPS's CEO Philip Adrian and Co-Founder of Sim Ops, Mark Dransfield
    Source and discussion through this link.
  • US Pilot Training Academy - Epic Flight Academy Expands Fleet with 2 New Cessnas and Signs 6 New Partnership Agreements
    Epic Flight Academy took ownership of two brand new Cessna 172 Skyhawks last week. They planes came directly from the Cessna factory in Kansas. During a time when other businesses are struggling, Epic continues to adapt and thrive. Additionally, Epic signed six new partnership agreements with potential employers to benefit graduates of its aircraft mechanic program. Aerotek, American Aero Services, Ascent Aviation Services, Baker Aviation, Southern Airways Express, and STS Aviation Group have all signed letters of agreement to offer interview opportunities to Epic’s graduating mechanics. “These are both exciting announcements,” said Danny Perna, founder and CEO of Epic. “We pride ourselves on maintaining a safe, new fleet and expanding our network in the aviation community.”
    Source and discussion through this link.
  • The Australian and International Pilots Association (AIPA) has strengthened calls for Federal Government support for a “Pilot Keeper” skills retention and training package targeting the aviation industry!
    AIPA President Mark Sedgwick said jobs continue to be shed from aviation which underpins trade, tourism and investment in a sector employing more than 700,000 people. “AIPA had put a proposal to government to ensure Australia’s pilot workforce was flight ready to stand up to active duty once restrictions ease and demand returns.” “Pilots need government support for skills retention study and training because support isn’t coming from Australian operators while pilots are stood down due to ongoing travel bans.”
    Source and discussion through this link.
  • Australian Pilot Training Group - Flight Training Adelaide (FTA) is hiring Ground and Flight Instructors for their base at Wellcamp Airport (which is for the Qantas Group Pilot Academy)!
    Following the order of 20 Diamond DA40 and 4 DA42 aircraft in May FTA is now looking to hire more instructors for its Qantas Academy.
    Source and discussion through this link.
  • OSM Aviation Academy launches Project Resilience
    Project Resilience is designed to support students at OSM Aviation Academy by providing additional support through the COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic has had a direct impact on pilot recruitment and in response to the situation, their instructors, students, and other co-workers have come together to find solutions that will help our Alumni to be ready for when the upturn comes and recruitment restarts. Every student that has graduated in October 2019 and that will graduate in 2020 is initiative to come to OSM Aviation Academy, in Sweden or Norway, every other month, for a three hour simulator session together with a SIM partner. It is going to be completely free of charge. OSM will use their FTD devices from MPS for Project Resilience.
    Source and discussion through this link.
  • L3Harris launches pilot course to support Saudi Citizens
    The ‘L3Harris Saudi Arabian Pilot Training’ course allows self-sponsored cadets to enrol and follow a route to become commercial pilots incorporating Private, Instrument and Commercial training with training undertaken at L3Harris’ Florida Flight Academy in the US. L3Harris has long standing experience of training pilots for the region with continuing programs to train future Saudia (Saudi Arabia Airlines) pilots as well as future Kuwait Airlines Pilots.
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  • Pilot Training Group CAE in the News for conducting Flight Training in Australia during lockdown (having received approval from local authorities)
    Difficult environment for flight schools to navigate at the moment!
    Source and discussion through this link.
  • Airbus: "Single-aisle aircraft demand will be first to recover"
    Airbus’ Middle East operations is refocusing on its single-aisle options, believing these aircraft types would be the first to see a definite improvement in demand. “Our assessment is that air traffic would reach its 2019 levels again between 2023 and 2025,” said Mikail Houari, the Middle East and Africa President for the world’s largest plane-maker. “Therefore, the single-aisle market is expected to lead the recovery, while wide-body should take longer.”
    Source and discussion through this link.
  • Airbus Presses on with new Plane seen as Immune to Travel Slump
    Airbus is stepping up development of its newest plane, pouring resources into the A321XLR even as it pulls back spending on other projects to save cash. The jet, dubbed XLR for “extra long range,” would be the longest-distance version yet of Airbus’s top-selling A320-series narrow-body. It has racked up more than 450 orders since its launch last year, and the European planemaker sees it as resistant to the historic collapse in demand for aircraft brought on by the coronavirus. The model has proved attractive to carriers eager to fly further with the economics of a single-aisle plane, and now has 24 customers, including American Airlines Group Inc., JetBlue Airways Corp. and United Airlines Holdings Inc. Its range of 4,700 nautical miles is 15% more than the existing A321 LR. The goal is to ensure that the XLR enters service on time in 2023.
    Source and discussion through this link.
  • AirAsia secures US$240mn financing
    Interesting to see that the bank loans are contingent on AirAsia flying international routes.
    Source and discussion through this link.
  • Overview Report on Covid-19 Testing before Travel (TBT)
    Check out the latest tests in development through this link.

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