Monthly Update – August 2020

Monthly Update – August 2020

Aviationfly continues to navigate the current complex environment in the pilot training industry by remaining flexible in its services - through this flexibility and the wide range of services the platform can continue to fund and build out the operations of its core functions.

One of the core functions of the platform is assisting international pilot training organisation's connect with international aspiring pilots and while the travel restrictions and border closures are an obstacle to the start of training we made the decision early on to continue to offer this service.

The reason for this was that we did not see a decrease in the interest from aspiring pilots - while most of them cannot travel at the moment they are still interested to explore the different options they have and to start the planning of their enrollment in a pilot training institution. Aviationfly has two full time team members which speak with aspiring pilots and partner flight schools on a daily basis and based on our metrics we are building up a large pipeline of aspiring pilots who are looking to start their training once the global pandemic (and related travel restrictions) start easing.

Throughout August the team has seen not only an increase in interest from aspiring pilots from all over the world but also a change in sentiment by these aspiring pilots (previously being uncertain to now being in a mindset of wanting to plan the next steps towards enrollment). Even in this complex time we had a number of enrollments in August with only the uncertainty of the constantly changing travel restrictions being an obstacle for these aspiring pilots to start their training.


In addition to our aim of assisting aspiring pilots and pilot training organisations better find another we have seen a significant increase in two other services our team offers:

  • Mergers & Acquisition advisory: Assisting Pilot Training Organisations and Institutional Investors which are looking to invest in this industry - with the team having a number of active mandates at the moment from North America, Europe and Asia. For more information about this service kindly reach out to us.
  • Pilot Training Supplier Directory and Marketplace Platform: During the month of August we have seen an increasing number of requests from Airlines and Training Organisations which were looking for pilot training infrastructure solutions.


Key milestones achieved in August:

  • Had two new team members join us (one in Germany and one in the United Arab Emirates) to focus on building out the digital infrastructure of our platform and to assist airlines and pilot training organisations with their requests for pilot training products and services.
  • 10% increase in aspiring pilots registered with us
  • 15% increase in Website Page visits to 29,000+ per month
  • 1,500+ additional organic social media followers
  • Continued to grow our marketplace feature where ATO’s can post their requests for proposals – at this initial stage we have 55 requests listed
  • Aviationfly's Team together with contributors of its LinkedIn community created an AOC Directory with 415 operators and their corresponding hiring websites to assist unemployed pilots apply to a larger number of operators and get flying quicker.


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