Monthly Update – December 2020

Monthly Update – December 2020

The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word crisis - one brush stroke stands for danger, the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger - but recognize the opportunity" - John F. Kennedy.

2020 was a crisis year, the worst crisis in the history of the aviation industry, so in terms of timing Aviationfly has had the most challenging environment to establish itself but thanks to an amazing team and platform partners we have managed to continue operations and pivot/expand our activities with our full team! While opportunities are limited at the moment within the industry we have positioned ourselves to capture ones in 2021 as the industry recovers. Without the global pandemic we would have most likely not expanded our activities as quickly as we have had to do this year - so we see that as a positive development!

For 2021 we will operate under three main divisions:

Student Division

  • Student Referral to Partner Flight Schools
  • Provider of Pilot Training Preparation Solutions (Indicative Assessment, Aviation English, Math's & Physics preparation and so on)

Industry Division

  • Connecting Pilot Training ecosystem stakeholders (training organizations, airlines and suppliers)
  • Largest global database of Pilot Training Organizations
  • Industry Research Reports
  • Market Intelligence Platform
  • Pilot Training Industry Supplier Directory

Mergers & Acquisition Division

  • Advising clients on investment transactions in the pilot training industry

For more information kindly contact us and we will share a company overview presentation with you.

Individuals and Groups we had the pleasure to work with in 2020

At this point we would like to mention a few of our team members who have been instrumental to our operations this year:

  • Paula - our social media wizard has managed to establish and build our brand across a number of platforms and achieved incredible organic follower growth and visibility:
    • Facebook Page: 750,000+ views from 33,600+ followers
    • LinkedIn Company Page: 266,000+ views with over 4,700+ followers
    • Youtube: 113,000+ views with over 3,000+ subscribers
  • Mary Isabelle (Sab) - leading our client relations team she has been instrumental in building out the processes, guiding others within the team, speaking with our partners and leading the team which has registered more than 21,000+ individuals who have an interest to explore becoming a pilot!
  • Hannah - leading our research activities 2020 has been a year of data collection growing our global database of pilot training organizations to over 1,100 and pilot training industry suppliers of over 350.
  • Duong - our Head of Growth has been instrumental in not only understanding and building out our digital infrastructure but optimizing our business processes and solving complex situations such as a website infrastructure hack. In 2020 our platform achieved 500,000+ views and we are looking at achieving a number multiple times bigger in 2021!

While we continue to grow our team we would like to thank everyone who has joined our team in 2020!

We would also like to mention some our Aviationfly platform partners which we have had the pleasure to work with throughout 2020 (to those who we have not mentioned here due to confidentiality purposes - thank you as well):

We start 2021 with a clear strategy in place - operating as a technology platform and advisory company!

In Q1 2021 we will:

  • Finalize a few advisory projects (projects ranging from international flight school partnerships, flight school acquisitions, establishment of new flight training schools, to the establishment of new simulator training centers)
  • Assist a number of the enrolled students in their travels to our partner flight schools
  • Launch our Market Intelligence Platform
  • Launch our Industry Research Reports
  • Optimize our digital infrastructure once we have a new team member join us in January

May every day of the new year inspire you to grow!