Monthly Update – November 2020

Monthly Update – November 2020

A time of change! Both the industry and Aviationfly is going through some significant changes! We experienced our first very sophisticated website hack which brought down the website for almost two weeks and took three team members working daily to get it back up and running! At the same time we conducted an analysis of our database and communication processes with aspiring pilots and implemented a new and improved system. The new process is complimented with two additional team members which joined us in November - to further enhance our ability to assist aspiring pilots from all over the world and provide additional exposure to our partner flight schools.

In terms of industry changes - in November we continued to see a number of industry stakeholders shrinking their infrastructure and we forecast this trend to continue until around March 2021. CAE announced two large acquisition and based on our industry knowledge we will continue seeing more mergers & acquisition announcements over the coming six months as the industry consolidation trend continues. Positive news for the industry came in the form of vaccine announcements, airlines preparing their fleet for vaccine distribution (which would lead to quicker rehiring of pilots - especially wide-body long haul pilots) and a number of countries opening up their borders again for international pilot training students.

We are now focused on our strategy for next year with the focus being on building out our student division to become the largest global pilot training preparation organisation and our industry division to become the number one source for pilot training industry market intelligence.

Key milestones achieved in November:


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