Monthly Update – October 2020

Monthly Update – October 2020

As the pilot training industry continues to be severely affected by the global Covid19 pandemic – our message to pilot training organizations and other industry stakeholders is clear: “Every day that your organization continues to survive is a day where you are winning as a lot of other organizations go out of business”.

The global landscape shows extreme differences not only in terms of the current state of the industry but also the outlook. On one end of the extremes is Europe with a number of European countries going into a national lockdown again and airlines in Europe revising their outlook for pilot requirements (one of the big headlines came from Lufthansa). A much more positive sign is the start of the recovery of air travel in India and their pilot requirement outlook which has led to the restart of airline pilot trainee cadets traveling internationally to their flight training partner. Similarly, Vietnam, China, the Middle East and the US are all showing positive signs of an accelerating recovery in air travel.

The team at Aviationfly predicts that the global pilot training industry will continue to drastically adjust over the coming 5 months with a number of organizations under increasing pressure as the training of students enrolled before March 2020 is completed and government stimulus programs run out resulting in liquidity issues. This challenging environment will continue until countries lift border restrictions (in line with testing before air travel procedures) – we predict we will see this happen on a global scale between December 2020 and March 2021.

But in October we have also seen what Pilot Training Organizations could experience once travel restrictions are lifted – Canada has opened up its borders again for international pilot training students and we know flight schools in Canada which have seen their largest student intake on record! A similar scenario could be seen globally in 2021 by a large number of pilot training organizations to cater to the pent-up pilot training demand of 2020.

For the team at Aviationfly we are now focusing on finalizing our plans for 2021 and have two new team members join us in November.

Key milestones achieved in October:

  • Continued to expand our weekly pilot training industry market intelligence update
  • Expanded our global coverage (featuring over 454 Pilot Training Organizations) with the latest addition being all the US Universities with Flight Training Programs. If you are a pilot training organization outside of Europe and we are not covering you please contact us and we will add you to the platform.
  • While our published database on the website shows over 450 Pilot Training Organizations the team at Aviationfly has managed to put together an offline database of over 1,000 Pilot Training Organizations focusing on the regions outside North America and Europe – Africa, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Central and South America. Starting 2021 we will be offering services to stakeholders interested in utilizing this database.
  • Assisted in the enrolment of International Flight Training Students with our partner flight schools – starting their training with virtual ground school classes
  • Hosted our second webinar about a Management Degree program for Pilots and Aircraft Maintenance Technicians together with one of the leading Aviation Colleges in the US.
  • Started working on our Strategy for 2021 – Aviationfly will be looking to offer products and services to its database of over 18,000 registered aspiring pilots. If you have a product or service that you think could be of interest to aspiring pilots please contact us.
  • Crossed the 2,000 subscribers mark on Youtube
  • Continued to grow our Pilot Training Supplier Directory which is seen by Pilot Training Organizations around the world

If you are interested to receive a company overview presentation or would like to speak with us please send us a message.