Monthly Update – September 2020

Monthly Update – September 2020

"The most essential factor to economic recovery is the restoration of confidence" was once said by the Former President of the United States Herbert Hoover. We believe that since September the wider aviation industry taken significant steps to accelerate the restoration of confidence in the safety of air travel. While the majority of airlines around the world are still adjusting to the challenges and environment there are a few airlines that Aviationfly has spoken with that are optimistic about an accelerated recovery within the next 6 to 9 months.

While there is a positive mindset change within the airlines (many view that the low point of the crisis has already occurred), the pilot training industry - we predict - will continue to drastically adjust over the coming 6 months with a number of organization under increasing pressure as the training of students enrolled before March 2020 is completed and government stimulus programs run out resulting in liquidity issues.

Our discussions with aspiring pilots provides clear indication that the majority of individuals are now planning for enrolment in 2021 (in line with easing of border restrictions). Based on our data there is large pent up demand for pilot training from individuals (international students looking to train in a foreign country) and flight schools should see healthy international enrolment numbers from Q2 2021 onwards (depending on the development of the global pandemic). Aviationfly has not seen a drop in interest from international aspiring pilots and will continue its educational advisory activities for aspiring pilots even with travel restrictions in place - building up a strong pipeline for 2021 (the picture attached to this post is just one of the many messages we are receiving from aspiring pilots preparing their enrolment form with our flight school partners).

Our focus for the remainder of the year will be to continue the core activities; speaking with international aspiring pilots and connecting them with our partner flight schools, connecting pilot training organization and suppliers and merger & acquisition advisory.

Especially our M&A advisory services are being well received with a number of large projects currently ongoing.

Key milestones achieved in September:

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