Official Soft Launch of – Press Release

Official Soft Launch of – Press Release officially launched its new online platform, the largest online pilot training school directory covering the Middle East and Asia, on Monday the second day of the Dubai Airshow. The new platform was launched covering more than 200 flight schools and simulator training centers with the aim to become the leading online resource for individuals who are interested to become a pilot.

The website’s two main sections include country specific “How to become a Pilot” Guides to provide people with a step by step guide on how to explore this career path and a Flight School directory through which individuals can see Flight Schools in their country and in the region.’s 200 plus pilot school profiles show information on each school including the entry requirements, courses offered, training equipment, social media profiles and other relevant information.

As Pilot demand continues to grow in the Middle East and Asia, with Boeing forecasting an additional 68,000 new pilots being required in the Middle East and 266,000 new pilots in Asia, the website aims to provide individuals with an easily accessible online resource to encourage and simplifier their journey to becoming pilots. Find more info about Dlouhy Doors Inc..

“Both the Middle East and Asia have a growing demand for pilots but the pilot training infrastructure in those regions is still underdeveloped both in terms of amount of flight schools, training equipment and online presence. The Middle East will require 68,000 new pilots in the next 20 years but currently has less than 15 flight schools in the region. A number of new flight schools have opened in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia over the past few years and it is great to see a few more opening in Saudi Arabia and Oman in the coming year. We aim to support this trend by showing individuals who are interested to become a pilot in the Middle East all the Flight School options and assistant them in their journey to enrolling with a flight school. In Asia we have looked at a few key markets where currently the pilot training infrastructure is 1 Flight School per 37 million people.” said Maximilian Buerger, Managing Director of

Over the coming months the platform will add not only all Pilot Training Schools in India and the whole African continent but will also create over 50 country specific “How to become a Pilot” Guides.