Academy of Carver Aviation

Academy Of Carver Aviation Pvt. Ltd., Gojubavi, Maharashtra, India

6 Aircraft Pilot Training School in Puni, considered to be one of the largest Flight Schools in India delivering Pilot and Aircraft Maintenance Training


Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Instrument Rating, Multi Engine, Flight Instructor course

International Students


Aircraft fleet number


Aircraft fleet

4x Cessna 172, 1x Cessna 152, 1x Partenavia P-68C Multi-Engine Aircraft


ATC 610 Simulator for Single Engine IFR Rating, ATC 810 Simulator for Multi-Engine IFR Rating, Cirrus II Simulator


Indian DGCA

Entry Requirements

Minimum age of seventeen (17) years, Passed Class Ten or equivalent examination from a recognized board, Class 2 Medical Assessment, Adequate competency in the English language

Academy of Carver Aviation, located in Baramati, Pune, Maharashtra, was established in the year of 1995, and has since become one of the most esteemed flying schools in India. Hundreds of students have built their careers as Pilots while training with Carver Aviation. In addition to Pilot Training Carver Aviation also provides training in the field of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME).

Academy of Carver Aviation is approved ISO 9001-2008 certification and is also DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation, Govt. Of India) approved.

The Pilot Training School is located in the rain shadow region of Baramati in Maharashtra, India. The Indian Pilot Training School has excellent infrastructure spread across 9 acres with the hanger area being 3,96,000 sqft at Baramati and has 6 Aircraft.

Academy of Carver Aviation's slogan is "Take off from here - Become a Commercial Pilot in a Year".

Courses offered:
  • Private Pilot License
  • Commercial Pilot License
  • Instrument Rating (Single and Multi-Engine)
  • Assistant Flight Instructor Rating
  • Flight Instructor Rating
  • Conversion of Foreign License
  • Simulator Training
  • Tuition (Theory) for DGCA Subjects
  • Basic Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Certificate
Why join Academy of Carver Aviation?

Academy of Carver Aviation has remarkable potential of delivering expertise in Commercial Pilot Training and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. With the presence of best Pilot instructors and experienced Faculty members, Academy of Carver Aviation assures to provide skillful and worthy training. The structure designed is as such that the training will be imparted with the full assertiveness in accomplishing once flying requirement as soon as possible, considering the fact that it requires a high level of uninterrupted application and commitment from the Candidate. We believe in imparting practical as well as theoretical training simultaneously, this helps candidates in attaining profound knowledge and skills by letting them learn and visualize things practically. Alumni from these programs can be certain that their training is consistent with the Aviation industries expectations and will enhance their employment prospects.

In terms of its infrastructure you can read the below:

AME School - The institute has approx. 15000 sq.ft of area for its theory classes. The Class rooms, Workshops, Avionics Labs, Examination cell, Projector room and Conference hall are fully furnished and Air-conditioned. The library is well stocked with over 1000 books on aviation.

Accommodation and other facilities - The hostel consists of 30 rooms on twin sharing basis respectively for trainees. The hostel has its own restaurant and each room is well equipped with Communications, Television and attached Toilet & Bath. Carver also provides mess facility. Utmost importance is given to the Hygiene The hostel is well maintained and managed by the academy staff. Carver Aviation also facilitates transportation services between the Airport and the Hostel in Academy buses.

Operations Facility - Academy of Carver Aviation is operating from a 396000 sq ft approved hangar facility. This section occupies a ground + 1 building on an area of 5000 sq ft. The operations section is equipped with infrastructure to successfully run the training operations. The operations floor is further sub divided in the following sections:

  • CFI room
  • Instructors room
  • Flight clerk room
  • Classrooms
  • Library
  • Students common room
  • Simulator room
  • CBT/Computer room
  • First Aid Room

Engineering - The engineering section occupies an area of 5000 sq ft. and is situated opposite the operations department directly across the hanger. This department has been approved by DGCA to maintain the aircraft in our fleet. This section has the following work areas:

  • QM Office
  • Quality Control Cell
  • Bonded Stores & Quarantine Stores
  • Workshop
  • Approved Battery Shop
  • Component Overhaul Sections
  • Engineering

Control Tower - Academy of Carver Aviation has erected its own control tower and has its personal designated frequency of 129.25 utilized for all flight activities.

Hangar - The DGCA approved hangar comprises of an area of 5000 sq ft and enables 4 aircraft' maintenance at a time. Work is in progress for further enhancement to handle heavy aircraft above 5700kgs.

Apron - Academy of Carver Aviation has access to a 1,80,000 sq ft apron, for parking its fleet. This apron apart from housing the aircraft in our fleet is also the parking base of visiting aircraft both civil and defense.

Runway - A 7700 ft tarmac runway with a breadth of 150 feet and orientation of 11/29 is used by Academy of Carver Aviation. Carver Aviation has the permissions to fly outside watch hours giving the advantage of flying round the clock. As a result, we fly from dawn to dusk with respect to day flying and also night flying as per DGCA requirements.

Simulators - DGCA approved single engine simulator ATC 610 and multi engine simulator ATC 810 is housed in the Simulator Room for Instrument Training and Rating.

Academy of Carver Aviation also houses Cirrus II simulators (total three in numbers) in the Computer Based Training Rooms with full visual and radio stacks along with VOR/DME and ILS capabilities.

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