Air Eagle Aviation Academy

Air Eagle Aviation Academy, Lahore, Pakistan

Air Eagle Aviation Academy is a leading pilot school in Pakistan in terms of providing the best and ultra-modern training devices


Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Instrument Rating, Multi Engine

International Students


Aircraft fleet number


Aircraft fleet

Cessna 172



Entry Requirements

At least 17 years old, Medical Certificate CAA-43, Security Clearance Performa CAAF-621 along with IB Performa

Air Eagle Aviation Academy was founded by Shaheen Foundation, PAF. It is considered as a world-class pilot training academy with ultra-modern facilities all combined in a well-built campus. The academy maintains its facilities and the program in line with International Standards. It is located in Lahore - one of the wealthiest cities in Pakistan. Moreover, the academy is Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) approved flight school.

Courses offered:

  • Student Pilot License (SPL)
  • Private Pilot License (PPL)
  • Commercial Pilot License (CPL)
  • Instrument Rating (IR)
  • Multi Engine

Why join us?

Fleet - Air Eagle Aviation Academy's fleet is composed of three (3) Cessna 172 P aircraft which is used as a primary trainer. Some of the aircraft are fitted with Garmin GNS 430 system that provides semi glass cockpit capability. The aircraft are also equipped with reliable Lycoming D2J engine.

Instructors - The instructors in the academy are ex Pakistan Air Force Pilots with general aviation experience.

The Air Eagle Aviation Academy flight complex consists of three (3) story building which is composed of classroom with multimedia system, briefing room for pre/post flight briefings, resource library, computer-based training, prayer room, hostel facilities, lounge space for relaxing between classes, administrative offices, conference room facilities, and reception area.

The academy believes that is of prime importance to make the best and modern technologies available to the pilot students. Furthermore, the aircraft maintains the usage of state of the art training aircraft, and training devices. It continues to aim as one of the leading pilot schools in Pakistan in terms of facilities that are of highest quality.

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