Asian College of Aeronautics

Asian College of Aeronautics, Bacolod Campus, Lacson Street, Bacolod, Philippines
Course Description

45-day Flight Attendant Training Preliminaries Program

Entry Requirements

High School Diploma


Asian College of Aeronautics is the largest training institute for aircraft maintenance training and has a flying school as well as a cabin crew training course, this is located in 3/F Teresa Bldg., Citisales, Lacson St., Mandalagan Bacolod City. In addition, it has a campus in Iloilo and Pampanga.

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In early June 2009, Jonathan S. Palma the President of Asian College of Aeronautics and Capt. Ferdinand F. Tan, an upcoming dynamic entrepreneur and avid aviator conceived an idea to expand the horizon vastly offered by the prospering aviation industry in the Philippines.

Asian College of Aeronautics expanded into pilot training and cabin crew training. Putting up a cabin crew training school not only complimented the Asian College of Aeronautics, but in many forms, was a business that is similar, where the experience gained in establishing an aeronautical college can be used in operating the cabin crew training school. Besides, it created opportunities to the incoming graduates, specially the deserving ones to be incorporated in the college by supplying manpower of pilots, cabin crew and mechanics, as an advantage to the enrolees.

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