Aviatech Flight Academy

Aviatech Flight Academy, Barta St, Delporton, Krugersdorp, South Africa

One of the leading flight schools in South Africa


Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Instrument Rating, Flight Instructor course

International Students


Aircraft fleet

Cessna 152, Cessna 172, Cessna 210


FNPT II Simulator


South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA)

Entry Requirements

At least 17 years old, High School Graduate, Able to write, read, and speak in English Language, Pass Medical Examination

Aviatech Flight Academy has been providing pilot training courses for nearly ten years. It is one of the leading flight schools in South Africa.

Aviatech is based at Jack Taylor Airfield (FAKR), Krugersdorp, South Africa.

Pilot Training Courses offered by Aviatech Flight Academy:
  • Private Pilots License (PPL)
  • Commercial Pilots License (CPL)
  • Airline Transport Pilots License (ATPL)
  • Flight Instructor Ratings
  • Hour Building
  • Night Rating
  • Instrument Rating
Why should you pick Aviatech Flight Academy for your Pilot Training:

Training is done using FNPT II Simulator, Cessna 152, Cessna 172 Variable Pitched Propeller,  Cessna 210 Fuel Injected, Retractable Gear & Turbo Propeller.

Aviatech Flight Academy is one of the few Flight Schools in Southern Africa that is registered with the SACAA to have an authorized exam center, where you can easily write your Private Pilots License, Night Rating and Radio Exams.

The flight school also offers residential accommodations and transportation to students.

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