Boeing B737 Line Training


500 hours of Boeing B737 First Officer Time (2020 UPDATE: Multiple Programs are on hold until further notice)


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International Students


Aircraft fleet

Boeing B737

Airline Partnership

Asian/European Airlines

Entry Requirements

Commercial Pilot License, with Multi-Engine and Instrument Rating

Do you hold a Commercial Pilot License and are looking to build your Boeing B737 hours in order to apply to your preferred Airline? Then going for a  Boeing B737 line training program might be a good investment for you. know's of a number of Boeing B737 line training programs - the airline will provide 500 hours of line training for Boeing B737 Type with a potential full time contract after completion of the training (number of hours depending on program). The different programs are with airlines in the south-east Asia and Eastern Europe region in a number of different countries and feature airlines which are small start-ups to very large low cost carriers. The compensation package and roster schedule varies between each airline and more information will be shared with you.

Minimum requirements are holding a commercial pilot license with multi-engine and instrument rating (frozen ATPL - Airline Transport Pilot Licence), and ICAO Level 4  English proficiency. If you are Boeing B737 type rated great, if not then we can provide a solution for this as well where we will suggest to you different simulator training centers where you can get your Boeing B737 type rating which are approved by the different regulatory agencies under which these Airlines operate under. Boeing B737 type rating cost between US$20 to 30,000 to provide you with an estimate.

If you do not have your commercial pilot license yet then check out our page showing you all available schools with which you can do your flight training with by clicking here.

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