Canterbury Aero Club

Canterbury Aero Club, Aviation Drive, Christchurch, New Zealand

27 Aircraft Flight School with 3 bases training 50% Domestic and 50% International students with a large number of graduates flying for Air New Zealand


Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Instrument Rating, Multi Engine, Flight Instructor course

International Students


Aircraft fleet number


Aircraft fleet

9 Piper Cherokee PA28, 6 Piper Tomahawk PA 38, 2 Cessna 172, 1 Piper Super Club PA18, 2 P68C ,1 Piper Seneca PA34 and 6 Helicopters Boeing A160


Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand

Entry Requirements

High School Diploma

The Canterbury Aero Club (CAC) established in 1928 has been operating in New Zealand for 86 years. Located at Christchurch International Airport, with two satellite fields close by, the Flight Club provides world class flight training in some of New Zealand's most stunning terrain.

Canterbury Aero Club is New Zealand's oldest aero club and over this time has produced thousands of private and commercial pilots from New Zealand and all over the world. Many of the graduates have gone on to fly for airlines all over the world, including Air New Zealand, which has sourced a large percentage of its pilots from the Canterbury Aero Club.

Students receive training in Christchurch and this equips them to compete for airline jobs in New Zealand and worldwide. CAC currently offers everything from Private Pilot License to Airline Transport Pilot License. The training is conducted using its fleet of 27 aircraft including PA-38, A160a, PA-28, C172, PA-18 and P86C and PA-34 multi-engine airplanes. Around 50 % of Canterbury Aero Club pilot trainees are international students.

Canterbury Aero Club is located on the west side of Christchurch International Airport, at Harewood Aviation Park (follow the signs on McLeans Island Road), about 8km from the center of the city.

Canterbury Aero Club is unique in that it has access to both a grass runway, located directly in front of the Club’s modern buildings, and to two international standard sealed runways but also the Club has 2 more bases. One is their own satellite airfield at West Melton, just six minutes flight time from Christchurch International Airport and the other is Rangiora Airfield where the Club offers training and flying hours to Rangiora’s based members and students.

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