Chodang University (Condor Flight Education Center)

Chodang University
  • PPL
  • CPL
  • Instructor training
  • Airline program
  • No of students: 31 to 60

About Chodang University (Condor Flight Education Center)

8 Aircraft Pilot Training School part of Chodang University known as Condor Flight Education Center located at a busy international Airport with its own maintenance center - Website in Korean


Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Instrument Rating, Flight Instructor course

International Students


Aircraft fleet number


Aircraft fleet

7 Diamond DA-40 and Diamond DA-42


Diamond D40 (Garmin G1000) Flight Simulator

Airline Partnership

Korean Air

Financing partner

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Korean Office of Civil Aviation

Entry Requirements

Above 17 years old, above the Aviation Physical Examination Class 2, Basic English Ability

Chodang University was founded in 1994 and today is one of the largest private universities in the city of Muang, South Korea. The University offers a range of courses including medical sciences, natural sciences, artistic and other scientific programs offered by this university including aviation science subjects. The Department of Aviation is divided into four departments, Flight Operations Department that includes pilot training, Aircraft Maintenance Department which includes the education of aviation technical personnel, the Department of Airline Service Management which educates cabin crew and the Department of Drone System where students are educated on the construction and operation of drones and their application.

For the purpose of professional and quality of the pilot training, Chodang University in 2014 founded the Condor Flight Education Center located next to the University at Muan International Airport.

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Due to the growth in Pilot flight training Chodang University expanded their own runway, added new certified training airplanes, grew the maintenance, repair and overhaul facilities, and enhanced its training programs to ensure top quality pilot training.

Condor Flight Education Center operates a fleet of brand new single-engine Diamond DA-40s and multi-engine Diamond DA-42s. For the instrument rating, the center operates a high-tech Diamond DA-40NG Flight Synthetic Training Device.

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If you are about to START Pilot Training you will need a few things:


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