Flytech Aviation Academy

Flytech Aviation Academy

15 Aircraft Indian Flight School Started By A First Lady Chief Flying Instructor of India


Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Instrument Rating, Multi Engine

International Students


Aircraft fleet number


Aircraft fleet

7 Cessna 152, 1 Cessna 172, 2 Beech Baron B 58 (with piston engines), 1 DC-3, 1 HS-125, 1 Chetak, 1 Bell 206, 1 Lama


ATC 610 and ATC 810


Indian DGCA

Entry Requirements

At least 17 years old, 10th Std., Class II medical fitness

Flytech Aviation Academy started operations in 1995 at Hyderabad, Telangana, with the authorization of the Director-General of Civil Aviation, to provide competent and advanced training programs.

The Academy has successfully trained more than 5000 pilots and engineers. Apart from commercial pilot license and aircraft maintenance engineering, Flytech Aviation Academy is now conducting most of the other aviation-related training programs.

Courses offered:
  • Pilot Training
  • Student Pilot Licence
  • Private Pilot License
  • Commercial Pilot License
  • Multi-Engine Rating
  • Simulator Training
  • Assistant Flight Instructor Rating
  • Flight Instructor Rating
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Air Hostess & Hospitality Management
  • B.Sc Aerospace Engineering by EDEXCEL(U.K)
  • B.Sc Aviation by Nagarjuna University(Hyderabad)
Why join Flytech Aviation Academy?
  • With an excellent academic experience offering a curriculum throughout a decade, the Academy has gained distinction in aviation education.
  • The Academy has an airfield, airspace, and excellent facilities for the implementation of specialized training in aviation. It is currently India's largest aviation academy with a fleet of fifteen(15) aircraft, practical training facilities, flight training amenities, and the newest technical aids used for learning.
  • Spectacular state-of-the-art Real-time Simulation Center built with ATC 610, and ATC 810 enables the skills of pilots better than anyone.
  • The Mockup Jet Engine Simulator, complete with instructional aids, Radio Instrumentation, and Airframe laboratories, are designed to deliver a realistic, hands-on experience to students.

In terms of accommodation, the Academy has limited hostel facilities for students within the training campus. Interested students can apply for the hostel immediately after acceptance. Separate lodging facilities for boys and girls are provided.

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