GoFly Aviation

GoFly Aviation, Pathfinder Drive, Caloundra, Queensland, Australia

4 Aircraft Flight School which is considered as the most technologically advanced flight training school on the Sunshine Coast (QLD)


Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Instrument Rating, Multi Engine, Flight Instructor course

International Students


Aircraft fleet number


Aircraft fleet

2 Sling, Beechcraft T-6 Texan II, Piper Arrow


General simulator plus their innovative world first VR headsets showing all the pre-flight and flight and nav lessons in 360-degree video

Financing partner

GoFly Cadet Scholarship


Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Entry Requirements

You can begin learning to fly at any age but you must be aged 16 to fly solo

GoFly Aviation, located in Caloundra Queensland, is the only flight school in Australia offering the lessons required for achieving Recreational Pilot Certificate, in 360 degree vision. GoFly Aviation is dedicated to providing the most cost efficient and most professional flight training to its customers. Their pricing structure is made for simplicity, and there are no hidden costs for landings, briefings or exams. GoFly Aviation operates 2 Sling basic trainers, one Cessna 172, one Texan and Piper Arrow.

Since the introduction of recreational aircraft into Australia, learning to fly has never been more affordable. Start with an introduction flight, meet the instructors, learn about the different certificates and endorsements and then begin your own journey. You can also buy for yourself or a friend, a trial flight experience over the Sunshine Coast, Bribie Island and the Glasshouse Mountains.

Why choose GoFly Aviation:

  • Great location, no waiting - located at Caloundra Aerodrome, which is a cost-effective non-controlled aerodrome to train in, compared to controlled airports which require special clearances and long waits on the ground while airliners land
  • Safe Sling Aircraft - conducting flight training in beautiful glass-cockpit Sling trainers, maintained to the highest standards by Aircraft Maintenance Services (AMS) situated right next door
  • Great instructors - Highly experienced Instructors who take flying seriously but not themselves seriously!
  • Taking Flight Reality TV Show - the first flight school in the world to co-produce its own TV show, Taking Flight
  • Free Sim Lessons - offer FREE simulator lessons with every flight lesson in its modern air-conditioned facilities
  • Free HD video - offer FREE HD video footage of your flying lesson for you to review afterwards
  • GoFly Cadets - the GoFly Cadet program, offering school students low-cost flight training and hi-tech equipment
  • GoFly 360 Online Lessons - the first flight school in the world to develop and film 360 degree online learn-to-fly lessons for you to watch anywhere, any time, on a laptop or mobile device
  • No Hidden Costs - do not charge for briefings or exams and there are no hidden costs

GoFly Aviation is committed to helping people achieve their dreams of flying. GoFly Aviation has introduced its inaugural GoFly Cadet Scholarship, which will be offered every year to an aspiring pilot aged between 14-18 years old. The GoFly Cadet Scholarship is designed to assist future young aviators who display a passion for aviation and who have experienced some hardship or barriers in following their dream of learning to fly a plane.

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