Indiana Aerospace University

Indiana Aerospace University, Lapu-Lapu City, Central Visayas, Philippines
Entry Requirements

High School Diploma

Indiana Aerospace University, formerly known as Indiana School of Aeronautics, was established in Cebu in 1992. It was the first school in Lapu Lapu City to offer airline related courses attracting a large number of students. Since then it has grown to offer not only pilot training but also Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering, Aircraft Maintenance Technology, Airline Management, Aviation Technology – Major in Flying and Avionics. Indiana Aerospace University has a fleet of 12 aircraft which includes 6 Cessna 152, 3 Cessna 150, 2 Cessna 172, and 1 Multi-engine Piper Aztec. Using this fleet of aircraft, Indiana Aerospace University offers Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Flight Instructor and Instrument Rating courses.

Specific Aircraft Maintenance courses on offer by Indiana Aerospace University:

  • Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering - 5-year Aerospace Engineering which includes an in-depth learning of mechanics and physics of fluids, aircraft and spacecraft structures and materials, instrumentation, control and estimation, human and automation, propulsion and energy conservation, and aeronautical and astronautical systems. Students enrolled in Aerospace Engineering is expected to be able to conceptualize technical problems and their solutions, design; study and comprehend processes that lead to solutions, develop, and test the results of research, development and designs. At the same time, you would be adept in research, manufacturing, operation and maintenance, marketing and sales and management. See the curriculum here.
  • Aircraft Maintenance Technology - The Bachelor of Science in Aircraft Maintenance Technology offered in this institution is a four-year intensive program designed to prepare students in the highly competitive and technical aviation industry. Students of the program are taught how to repair, overhaul, inspect, and modify small and wide-bodied aircrafts. All aircrafts must carry a valid Certificate of Airworthiness to be legally allowed to fly. In order for this to be valid all maintenance work to be done on an aircraft should be certified by a licensed Aircraft Mechanic. Completion of the program will qualify the graduate for the Airframe and Powerplant licensure exam of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP). See the curriculum here.
  • Avionics - The Bachelor of Science in Avionics Technology program is a four-year intensive program specially designed to provide proficiency in modern and sophisticated aviation electronics systems found on commercial, military, corporate and private aircrafts. See the curriculum here.

The unique feature about Indiana Aerospace University is its University campus feel having a very large number of students enrolled in the University.

Its location in Cebu gives students a mix of education and leisure with Cebu being known for its beautiful beaches and whale shark diving.

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If you are about to START Aircraft Maintenance Training you will need the below:


  • If you are studying Airframe and Power Plant and are looking for additional study material we recommend checking out this Jeppesen A&P General Kit -


If you are interested to read more about aircraft maintenance training, check out these books which we recommend:

  • Aircraft Maintenance and Repair, Seventh Edition” ( a valuable resource for students of aviation technology


  • Aviation Mechanic Handbook: The Aviation Standard” ( a core reference for mechanics, aircraft owners and pilots