Jungwon University

Jungwon University

3 Aircraft Pilot Training School part of Jungwon University focused on quality Pilot Training to offer its students a number of career paths


Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Instrument Rating

International Students


Aircraft fleet number


Aircraft fleet

3 Cessna 172


Cessna 172 Simulator, ALSim with option to change different types of airplanes

Airline Partnership



Korean Office of Civil Aviation

Entry Requirements

Above 17 years old, above the Aviation Physical Examination Class 2, Basic English Ability

Jungwon University, located in Goesan County, has Pilot Training through its Department of Aviation in which it aims to train students to be professional pilots. The Jungwon University Pilot Training is focusing on producing pilots for the key roles in the aviation transport industry of airlines by teaching a course which develops the personality and practical skills required by top pilots. The pilot training includes a lot of practical and diverse studies, constantly evolving due to the rapid development of the aviation industry and changes in the aviation environment.

Jungwon University Pilot Training School's instructors have long practical experience in various areas including air navigation at the Air Force or from the National Airlines. The pilot training includes basic theories on aviation operations and practical training in navigating using flight simulation training devices and aircraft. The courses are specialized from a point for specific pilot license and instrument rating certificate to teach students the skills and knowledge required by the airlines.

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