Korea Aerospace University

Korea Aerospace University

29 Aircraft Flight School focused on Airline Training and the only major carrier ab-initio program Pilot School in Korea


Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Instrument Rating, Multi Engine, Flight Instructor course

International Students


Aircraft fleet number


Aircraft fleet

20 Cessna 172, 5 M20J, Beechcraft L-23 Seminole, Diamond DA-42, 2 Cessna Citation 525


Cessna C172 Level 6 FTD Frasca, Mechtronix Ascent Cessna 172

Airline Partnership

Korean Air

Financing partner

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Korean Office of Civil Aviation

Entry Requirements

Above 17 years old, above the Aviation Physical Examination Class 2, Basic English Ability

Korea Aerospace University (KAU) is a private university, located in Goyang Gyeonggi, which was established in 1952, with the aim to become a premier pilot flight training and educational institute in Asia. The Korea Aerospace University is owned by the Jungseok Foundation (Hanjin Group). The educational courses cover most of the aerospace fields including Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, Telecommunications, Computer Engineering, Air Transportation and Logistics, Aeronautical Science & Flight Operation, and Air and Space Law. After obtaining AABI (Aviation Accreditation Board International) qualification, for flight education, aviation management, air traffic management, and air transportation systems in 2007, MOUs (memoranda of understanding) and agreements with well-known organizations were concluded: MOUs with University of Southern California, Drexel University, Oregon State University; agreement for cooperation with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and a joint development agreement with General Electric.

Below we discuss in more detail the Pilot Training courses on offer by Korea Aerospace University - Korea Aerospace University is the Pilot Training School in Korea offering ab-initio training which means an Airline program where you will join an Airline straight once you graduate.

Currently, Korea Aerospace University KAU is expanding its flight training services to take its earned position in the upper tier of international flight training. During the last half-century, it has been consistently devoted to educating students who wish to become experts in the aviation industry and contribute to the development of aviation technology. It is the first and the only organization operating an ab-initio program for major airlines in Korea. The University currently has 154 Faculty members and is continuing to grow as the Aviation industry is growing in Asia.

Korea Aerospace University owns an astonishing fleet of 29 different type of aircraft including one Blanik L23 Glider and impressive Citation Business Jets. KAU has a network of 3 airports around the country which it uses for Pilot training: Susaek Flight Training Center at Kimpo airport, Uljin Flight Training Center on Uljin Airport and Jungseok Flight Training Center based at Jeju Airport.

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