Kyungwoon University

Kyungwoon University

4 Aircraft Pilot Training School part of Kyungwoon University based in Seoul and focused on Airline Pilot Training - Website is in Korean


Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Instrument Rating

International Students


Aircraft fleet number


Aircraft fleet

4 Cirrus SR-20


Cessna 172S Simulator Level 6, SR20 Simulator Level 6

Airline Partnership



Korean Office of Civil Aviation

Entry Requirements

Above 17 years old, above the Aviation Physical Examination Class 2, Basic English Ability

Kyungwoon University has its Pilot Training School at Gimbo International Airport. The Aviation Department was established to support the growing Korean aviation industry and offer Korean's a pilot training facility in the country. As the website is in Korean only limited information is available below.

The aviation department has a practical and systematic education program based on the standards of advanced countries in aviation, with the aim of training professional pilots with global leadership. It also educates and researches basic theories related to aeronautics. Through education and training, Kyungwoon University aims to cultivate creative talents that will play a pivotal role in improving the competitiveness of the national aviation industry.

In addition, the department has the best educational facilities to receive education and training in the optimal environment. All faculty members will do their best to be reborn into a place of great talent with professional knowledge, function, and personality.

All the airplanes are based on Gimbo airport including the simulator facilities. This university owns 4 SR20’s and two simulators Cessna 172S Simulator Level 6/ SR20 Simulator Level 6

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