MAB Academy (Malaysia Airline Academy)

MAB Academy Flight Crew Training Centre, U 3, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

Simulator Center and Training Organisation of Malaysia Airlines Group - School of Flight Operations which operators 8 Full Flight Simulators


Type Rating

International Students



Full Flight Simulator's: A380, A330, B737-800, B737-400, B777, B747, ATR72-50, Fokker F50 - Flight Training Device's: A380, B737-800

Airline Partnership

Malaysia Airlines, Firefly, MASwings


Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia

Entry Requirements

Commercial Pilot License, with Multi-Engine and Instrument Rating

Malaysia Airlines Academy was established in October 1994 to cater to the learning needs of Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG) employees. The launch of the new MAB Academy (MABA) in December 2017 as a separate company under MAG created a new pilot training simulator center known as School of Flight Operation with 8 different type of Full Flight Simulators.

The MAB Academy School of Flight Operations began operating on 1 March 2017 as an Approved Training Organization (ATO) certified by the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia. Serving as the anchor for the majority of training to the Malaysia Aviation Group - Malaysia Airlines the training academy also does training for other airlines.

MAB Academy currently operates simulator training for A330-200, B737-400, B737-800, B747-400, B777-200, ATR72 and Fokker 50. The MAB Academy also offers ground training for pilots in such areas as Human Factors, Crew Resources Management, Safety Management System, Flight Training Development Course and Flight Safety Training.


  • Initial Type Rating - Familiarize qualified crew with the skills and knowledge of respective aircraft type rating. MAB Academy type rating courses for Fokker 50, DHC6, ATR 72, B737-400, B737-800, B747, B777, A330 and A380 fleet.
  • Crew Resource Management (CRM) - Introduce trainee to the concept of utilizing all available crew, equipment, and resources to enhance the overall safety of operations.
  • Aircraft Type Recurrent/Re-validation/Renewal/Reactivation Training - Ensure qualified crew’s proficiency of the currently held type rating according to the regulatory requirements.
  • Captain Upgrade - Type rating conversion for left hand seat to ensure qualified crew will be ready for his/her command (Captain) duties.
  • Cross Crew Qualification - Transition course between Airbus fleet type ratings to familiarize qualified crew with the skills & knowledge of the intended Airbus Fleet.
  • Differences Type Rating - Transition course between Boeing fleet type ratings to familiarize qualified crew with the skills & knowledge of the intended Boeing Fleet.
  • Many more

What are the advantages of training at MAB Academy - School of Flight Operations?

  • Approved Training Organization certified by Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia
  • Experience trainers with support from Malaysia Airlines Group
  • Active trainers who are currently and actively flying
  • Dedicated to support your training requirement

MAB Academy stands out by having the best combination of real-world expertise, industry professionals and it is strategically situated close to Kuala Lumpur Airport, providing an ideal location for learning and development to the regional aviation industry.

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