Manas Training Center

Манас Тренинг Центр, Akhunbayev Street, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

A flight school in Kyrgyzstan that is focused on assisting airlines for flight, and flight crew training


Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Type Rating

International Students



Civil Aviation Agency of Kyrgyz Republic

Entry Requirements

Copy of passport, certificate of secondary education / diploma, Pass medical exam

The main goals and activities of the Manas Training Center (ITC) are the organization of initial training, retraining and advanced training of aviation personnel of aviation enterprises, airlines and organizations.

ITC assists enterprises, airlines and organizations involved in aviation activities in carrying out flight methodological work and vocational training; carries out simulators and flight trainings of command-flight, flight, dispatch personnel; trains students on complex and specialized simulators according to approved programs, as well as individual applications.

Courses offered:

  • Pilots lovers AUTO FAT "MTO-SPORT"
  • Amateur pilots of the Skyranger aircraft
  • Amateur pilots "MAULE MX-7"
  • Amateur pilots for light aircraft “MOONEY”
  • Amateur pilots on a motor-hang glider
  • Initial training of crew members for the MVL
  • Initial training on the Mi-8T
  • Initial training on the Mi-8MTV
  • Retraining from Mi-8T to Mi-8MTV
  • Retraining from Mi-8MTV to Mi-8T
  • Initial training on the Mi-2
  • Initial training on the aircraft IL-18
  • Initial training on the aircraft Yak-40
  • Initial training on the An-2 aircraft
  • Initial training on the An-28
  • Initial training on the An-24
  • Initial training on the An-26
  • Retraining from An-24 to An-26
  • Initial training on the Tu-154m aircraft
  • Initial training on the aircraft Tu-134M
  • Initial training on the aircraft IL-76
  • Initial training on the aircraft IL-62
  • Initial training on the An-12 aircraft

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