Nagpur Flying Club

Nagpur Flying Club, A Govt. of Maharashtra Enterprise, Sonegaon, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

Nagpur Flying Club offers the cheapest flight school in India


Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License

International Students


Aircraft fleet

Cessna 152, Cessna 172-R


Indian DGCA

Entry Requirements

At least 17 years old, 10th Std., Class II medical fitness

Nagpur Flying Club (NFC) is considered to be the Cheapest Flight School in India. It was established in 1947 by flying enthusiasts. It was taken over by the Maharashtra Government in 1990 and continuous to operate until 1994. It is located at Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.

Unfortunately, it was closed down due to escalation of cost of the Aviation Turbo Fuel (ATF) and the deficiency in instructors and maintenance staff. However, it was re-opened in 2008 after a 14-year hiatus.  The club suffers scarcity of aircraft and simulator, and the Government has yet to appoint a Chief Flight Instructor since 2016.

Petitioners who wanted to bring back the Nagpur Flying Club back on its wing requested through the Bombay High Court to the Maharashtra Government to pave way for its revival. The insufficiency of the salary given to chief instructors and staff only makes NFC's restoration less likely. Also, there are allegations of corruptions surrounding the heads of the club.

NFC was on the brim of recovery during the leadership of Captain Jaiswal who was appointed on March 18, 2016. However, he was offered higher salary in a private aircraft carrier which made him resign from his post. It is proposed it that the government should create policies that would set a standard in terms of providing salaries to its future appointments.

Courses offered:
  • Private Pilot License
  • Commercial Pilot License
Why join Nagpur Flying Club?

While being the cheapest flight school in India, it also offers assistance to educational loans through a partnership with the Ministry of Social Welfare. Furthermore, it has an agreement with national banks for the purpose of aiding students who seek financial assistance.

Nagpur Flying Club does not have its own website. The information here is gathered from credible news network in India.

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