Oman Air Flight Training Center

OAFTC - Oman Air Flight Training Centre, Muscat, Oman

Simulator Training Center of Oman Air with one Airbus A330 and one Boeing B737 Full Flight Simulator


Type Rating

International Students



1x Airbus A330, 1x Boeing B737 Full Flight SImulator and 1x B737 FTD

Airline Partnership

Oman Air


Public Authority of Civil Aviation (PACA) of Oman

Entry Requirements

Please contact Oman Air Flight Training Center for more information

Oman Air Flight Training Center (OAFTC) based at Oman Air's headquarters in Muscat has training facilities for both pilot and cabin crew training.

Oman Air Flight Training Center offers one Full Flight Simulator for Airbus 330 training, and another one for Boeing 737 training. In addition, one Flight Training Device for Boeing B737 training has been installed as a training tool for cadet training programmes.

The centre also includes the facilities needed to train Oman Air’s cabin crew. These include A330 and B737 mock-ups, along with a B787 door trainer. Each of these is designed to enable crew to train for, and practice, all the emergency procedures required as part of our cabin crew training and qualification courses.

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