OxfordSaudia, Dammam Saudi Arabia

60 Aircraft Flight School which is a partnership between Saudi National Company of Aviation (SNCA) and Global Pilot Training Group CAE with the focus on training students to become Airline First Officers


Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Instrument Rating, Multi Engine, Flight Instructor course

International Students


Aircraft fleet number


Aircraft fleet

Diamond DA40 (Single Engine) and Diamond DA42 (Multi Engine)


Frasca Full Flight Simulator and Airbus A320 Full Flight Simulator

Financing partner

Alinma Bank


General Authority of Civil Aviation of Saudi Arabia

Entry Requirements

Completion of secondary education with proficiency in English, Mathematics, and Physics (accepting all types of high school diplomas). Must also be over 17 years of age.

In September 2019 OxfordSaudia, a new Flight School established by the Saudi National Company of Aviation (SNCA) and Global Pilot Training Group CAE, started flight training its first group of students. The Flight School located on a dedicated 40,000 sqm site complete with hangar and flight operations offices at King Fahad International Airport, Damman focuses on Ab-initio Pilot Training for its students to become Airline Pilot's (First Officer's) with airlines in the region.

The partnership between SNCA and CAE was announced at the 2017 Dubai Air Show with the aim to create a leading Pilot Training School in the Middle East known as OxfordSaudia - a CAE Authorized Training Center. CAE provides the authorized training center - the key elements for world-class student training such as commercial pilot license curriculum and courseware, the training of staff and instructors, and safety and quality control systems.

OxfordSaudia's unique CPL program starts with a foundation year followed by a premier ground school course with high-quality flying instruction delivered in accordance with the Saudi Aviation Authority requirements.

Pilot Training Program offered by OxfordSaudia

  • Preparation for ICAO Level 5 - prepare to reach to Level 5 in the ICAO English Test, the student will take Courses in the following topics:
    •  Intensive courses in English as a second Language
    • Aviation terminologies
    • Introduction to Mathematics
    • Introduction to Physics
    • Preparation for CAE Oxford ATC admission test
  • Ground Training - After passing the foundation year requirements, the student starts his ground school in the academy. The ground training meets the curriculum requirements for the aeronautical knowledge training for the Private Pilot Certification Course, the aeronautical knowledge training for the instrument rating course, and the aeronautical knowledge for the commercial pilot certification course. The classroom training is as follows:
    • Aeronautical Knowledge for The Private Pilot Course Lecture Hours : 57 hrs
    • Aeronautical Knowledge for Instrument rating Course Lecture Hours: 57 hrs
    • Aeronautical Knowledge for Commercial Pilot Course Lecture Hours: 51 hrs
  • Flight Training - During the Practical Phase, our students will obtain the knowledge, skill and aeronautical experience necessary to meet the requirements for a commercial Pilot Certificate with Airplane, Multi-Engine Land and Instrument Airplane Ratings. The Flight Hours are as follows:
    • Private Pilot License (PPL) – Total 61 hrs
    • Instrument Rating (IR) – Total 51 hrs
    • Commercial Pilot License – Total 121 hrs
    • Total hours: 233 hrs - the student then flies 17 more hours to reach 250 if needed.

Training Equipment

  • Aircraft - OxfordSaudia has ordered 60 Diamond Aircraft both DA40 (Single-Engine) and DA42 (Multi-Engine) with the first 12 received in 2019. The order for 60 Diamond Aircraft was the largest order for training aircraft in the Middle East.
  • Simulator - Frasca’s Full Flight Simulator which is famous for providing the highest possible level of accuracy and access to Airbus A320 Full Flight Simulators for Type Rating

The OxfordSaudia Training Program also includes Airbus A320 Type Rating after the completion of Flight Training to get students ready for their airline position as First Officer on an Airbus A320 aircraft.

OxfordSaudia has a partnership with Alinma Bank in which if course fee installments are paid through the bank they can provide an installment payment plan of 5 years with no interest.

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