Singapore Youth Flying Club (SYFC)

Singapore Youth Flying Club West Camp Road Singapore

Flying part of the Singapore Air Force promoting flying passion in the youth


Private Pilot License

International Students


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Aircraft fleet

Piper Warrioer PA28 and Diamond DA40


Diamond DA40

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Free for CAA


Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

Entry Requirements

High School Diploma

Singapore Youth Flying Club (SYFC), established in 1971 as the Junior Flying Club by the then newly-formed Singapore Armed Forces. Its mission is to promote aviation among the youth and inculcate in them a strong passion for flying. Singapore Youth Flying Club has, over the past 4 decades, become a vital source of talent for the RSAF and the nation's aviation industry. The flying club offers students the ability to obtain a Private Pilot License (PPL). Flight training is conducted at Seletar Airport.

One of the key challenges facing Singapore Youth Flying Club is the ability to attract a wider reach of students who have a keen interest in aviation. SYFC, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education of Singapore, implemented a CCA programme in secondary schools to enable younger students, those aged between 12 and 16 years old, to learn more about flying through aviation knowledge, simulator flying and aeromodelling activities. Currently, there are about 800 students from 82 schools who are participating in the SYFC’s aeromodelling CCA programme. The Club also provides modular aviators’ programmes to NCC units in schools and to schools keen on an aviation elective for their students. Such programmes will prepare and benefit the students in terms of aviation knowledge and skills, thus creating a healthy pool of potential aviators for the flying courses. To motivate students to achieve their full potential, Singapore Youth Flying Club provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate their aeromodelling skills and compete in National, Regional and World Aeromodelling Championships.

Singapore Youth Flying Club offers the Private Pilot License course student trainees are required to complete 46 flights, 10 simulator flights, pass 6 ground exams and demonstrate proficiency in aircraft handling and safe landings all within a one year period. Every year, the Singapore Youth Flying Club organises a special ceremony to present these coveted wings and certificates to those who have successfully completed the PPL programme. Two awards, Best in Flying and Best in Ground School, shall be presented to two deserving graduates from each PPL cohort. STAe, our Aircraft Maintenance Contractor, also sponsored the “STAe Aviation Excellence Awards” (Best in Flying & Best in Ground School) to the top three students in each category on the PPL Course.

The flying club has a fleet of Piper Warriors PA28, Diamond DA40 aircraft and a simulator of the same type.

The two great features of Singapore Youth Flying Club are:

  • JC and Poly Students can learn how to fly a plane for Free as a CAA
  • The extensive Alumni network with graduates flying in the Air Force, Airlines and working within the aviation industry.

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If you are about to START Pilot Training you will need a few things:


If you are interested to read more about pilot training, check out these books which we recommend:

  • The Realization of a Boyhood Dream: The Path to my Private Pilot License” ( ) which is an interest read if you want to know what the initial pilot training will be like
  • The Student Pilot’s Flight Manual: From First Flight to Pilot Certificate" ( ) a very extensive book and containing almost all the information you will learn during your training for Private Pilot License!