Sky Wing's Flight School Sudan

At Atbara St., Bittar Building Khartoum

Non-Profit Flight School located in Khartoum


Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Instrument Rating, Multi Engine, Flight Instructor course

International Students



Sudan Civil Aviation Authority

Entry Requirements

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Sky Wing's Flight School Sudan was established in May 2015. The School is located at Atbara St., Bittar building in Khartoum, Sudan and is certified by the Sudan Civil Aviation Authority.

Courses offered

  • Private Pilot License
  • Commercial Pilot License
  • Airline Transport Pilot License
  • Flight Instructor Rating
  • Multi-Engine Rating
  • Instrument Rating
  • Foreign Pilot License Conversions
  • Validations and hour building
  • Night rating


Why join the school?

  • Sky Wing Flight School offers flight training in the most flexible, affordable and friendly rates without compromising on the quality of flight training
  • Comprehensive flight training packages are offered to assist aspiring young pilots to succeed in their desired aviation goal
  • The school provides its students the highest quality flying skills and develops disciplined value relevant to pilots’ careers. Students are also empowered and familiarized to international flight standards.
  • Sky Wing's Flying School Sudan is proficiency-oriented not Profit-oriented. Quality is their priority and not Quantity

The School accepts international students and aside from the organizational set-up and protocol that will be provided for all the needs of each student, documentation assistance and legal facilitation are also provided. Moreover, international students are also offered a unique basic familiarization orientation regarding how to adjust and cope-up with the local environment and society to make your stay one pleasurable learning experience.

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