Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University Aviation Center, Nashua Airport

Offers a pilot training program that gives you the opportunity to learn flight training and earn a degree, simultaneously


Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Instrument Rating, Multi Engine, Flight Instructor course

International Students



Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Entry Requirements

At least 16 years old, High School Graduate, Pass Medical Examination

Southern New Hampshire University offers a pilot training program that gives you the opportunity to learn flight training and earn a degree, simultaneously.

It is located in SNHU’s Aviation Center at the Nashua Airport, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA.

Pilot Training Courses offered by Southern New Hampshire University:
  • B.S. in Aviation Operations & Management
Why should you pick Southern New Hampshire University for your Pilot Training:

You will have the opportunity to earn Certifications for Certified Flight Instructor, having completed required Private Pilot, Instructor, Commercial, and CFI ratings.

AOM  is a 4-year program that is designed to provide an immersive experience in both flights and academics. The first two years of the program focus primarily on flight instruction and training. This will earn you Commercial Multi-Engine Rating and certification as a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). The next two years, students will have the opportunity to build flying hours as a certified flight instructor while completing the remainder of their academic studies either in campus or online. This helps students build over 600 flight hours toward the Airline Transport Pilot certificate (ATP).

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