U-Fly Training Academy

U-Fly Training Academy, Rand Airport Road, Germiston, Johannesburg, South Africa

7 Aircraft Flight School in South Africa with a modern Aircraft Training Fleet of Piper Warrior and Piper Archer


Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Instrument Rating, Multi Engine, Flight Instructor course

International Students


Aircraft fleet number


Aircraft fleet

5x Piper Warrior, 2x Piper Archer


South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA)

Entry Requirements

17 years of age, Pass Medical Exam (Class 1 or 2)

U-Fly Training Academy was established in 2007 as a Flight Training Facility, and is located in Rand Airport, Germiston, Gauteng, South Africa. The Academy provides aspiring pilots the opportunity to fulfill their aviation goals through the school’s low cost but comprehensive flight training program.

Courses offered:

  • Private Pilot’s Licence
  • Night Rating
  • Instrument Flight Rating
  • Commercial Pilots License
  • Airline Transport Pilots Licence (Frozen) Theory Course
  • Initial Multi-Engine rating
  • Ground courses in Radio Telephony
  • Crew Resource Management and Air Law

Why join the school?

The Training Academy is based at Rand Airport on the South Eastern side of the Johannesburg CBD. Rand Airport has four (4) runways that provide for the little delay in taxing and getting airborne. This offers their students flexibility and many opportunities to train. Moreover, Rand has a control tower that provides the students with a professional and educational environment so they will be able to feel confident when they start to fly cross countries to other airports that have control towers.

The General Flying Area, where as a student you shall be learning most of your flying experience, is less than twenty (20) minutes from Rand. The ground facilities include a large lecture room which is able to seat more than twenty students per lecture and a ground briefing and pre-flight area that provides the students a place to relax and revise before getting airborne.

The Training Academy’s fleet includes the sleek and modern Piper Warrior and Piper Archer aircraft with full Instrument Flying capability. These aircraft assist in helping students learn the basic maneuvers associated with powered flight as well as great aircraft for advanced training and hour building. As a result, both International and Domestic students and have been highly successful in the training of International students right up to their Commercial level.

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