Aviationfly has tried to answer all the ‘How to become a Pilot’ questions from aspiring pilots through Country and Airline specific ‘How to become a Pilot’ Guides as well as answering hundreds of frequently asked questions that we have received from aspiring pilots. You can find all of this information by clicking the ‘Find out more’ button....

Have you been dreaming of becoming a Pilot? Want to work as an airline pilot? Or maybe you have been wishing to fly your own dream plane and fly as a hobby? It’s possible but first, you need to obtain pilot licenses for you to be able to attain these goals.

Becoming a Pilot requires you to research your options first which includes pilot training courses available in your country or in your preferred country abroad as well as flight schools that offer your chosen pilot training program. You should align your chosen pilot training program to your career goal. This, among others, is what you should take into account before getting into a flight school.

Our country or airline-specific guides contain the steps, costs, pilot training options, and tips on becoming a pilot, all of which you need to determine first before enrolling yourself into a flight school.

We also have a range of online learning courses to help you start your journey of becoming a pilot!

If you have any further questions you can also contact us!

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Are you wondering which flight school you should enroll in? Or which flight school is suitable for your pilot goal? Perhaps you are looking for flight school options in your country or your chosen country abroad? Then don’t worry, you are in the right place to find answers to your questions. Aviationfly has a database of thousands of Flight Schools which you can start to explore by clicking on 'Find out more' or contacting us....

In this section, you will see our partner flight schools from around the world and their information such as pilot training programs being offered and fleet details, among others. Likewise, you can also check other flight schools and compare which suits you according to your preferences.

Based on research we conducted in the year 2020, there’s a total of over 3,200 Flight Schools and Aero Clubs around the world. Some countries have multiple Flight Academies while others have none or one. There are also countries where Aero Clubs or Flying Clubs are highly present. When deciding on your pilot training, check what are the available Flight Schools in your country or chosen country abroad. Then, determine what that school can offer in helping you achieve your dream of becoming a Pilot.

Learn more about the different Flight Schools through our platform. If you can’t find a specific Flight School that you are looking for or if you are a Flight School then please message us.

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If you are a Commercial Pilot or Airline looking for Advanced Pilot Training Courses Aviationfly has partnered with a number of training organizations such as Type Rating Training Organizations. Click ‘Find out more’ to see our current partner offering which might be of interest to you....

If you have any question or are an advanced pilot training organization please contact us.

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