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Are you interested to become a Pilot and do not know what steps to take to become a Pilot in your country? Then our website, is perfect for you, we assist individuals from all over the Asia Pacific region, the Middle East and Africa - showing them not only how to become a pilot in a specific country but also all the Flight Schools located in that country and region.

Are you an airline who is interested in securing your Pilot supply or has a Pilot Training demand then get in touch with us to learn more about how we can support you. has two main sections:
  • Flight School Directory - we currently cover over 200+ Pilot Schools, showing general information about the school, photo's, video's and its social media presence. can be used to quickly find and compare a number of flight schools in your country or the region. Our team constantly updates the information on the schools and adds new schools to list (checking with the Civil Aviation Regulators of each country that we cover if those schools are still approved). In addition to the Flight School's shown in the Directory we have also added Simulator Training Center's (Type Rating Training Organisations) to assist individuals who have completed their Commercial Pilot License (Flight Training).
  • How to become a Pilot - we are constantly adding a "How to become a Pilot" guide for each country that we cover this features the minimum requirements to become a pilot, the training syllabus requirements set by the Civil Aviation Regulator of the country, the different options to become a pilot in that country, possible funding options, tips on how to select a Flight School and possible options for employment after graduation and obtaining a Commercial Pilot License.

We offer a number of services to Flight School's such as connecting with a larger number of students, management consultancy and merger & acquisition advisory services. For more information please visit our Flight School Services page or contact us through our Contact Page.


Initially was created to show training organisations for Pilot, Aircraft Maintenance and Cabin Crew Training across the Asia region. In August 2019 there was a change when the new management decided that it would focus on creating the number one online resource for people looking to become Pilot's in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

The new website was created following numerous conversations with individuals discussing their experience on finding out how to become a pilot and what Flight School to select. The same issue of individuals who wanted to become pilots was highlighted during our interviews with them - the lack of information online in one central location: the minimum requirements to become a pilot in their country, the different options to becoming a pilot and the Flight School's available to them in their country and abroad. tries to solve this problem by applying its team's industry knowledge and market research ability.

Why are we covering Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa?

Did you know that the Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa regions together require more than 354,000 new Pilot's in the next 20 years (stated by Boeing)! This is more than the United States and Europe combined. But unlike the US and Europe the Flight School training infrastructure is not as developed, as an example has certain target markets in Asia in which the flight school to population ratio is 1 :37 million! Additionally we have seen Flight School online directories both in the US and Europe but there has not been one before covering Asia, the Middle East or Africa. If you are a Flight School that is looking for more information about the markets we cover please do reach out to us.

Let us look at the reasons as to why now is an exciting time to enter the aviation industry. Below are some of the statements from the industry.

  • The International Air Transport Association (IATA) forecasts passenger demand to double over the next 20 years. The biggest driver of demand will be in the Asia-Pacific region, with China replacing the United States as the world’s largest aviation market around 2024. Growth will primarily be driven by developing markets.
  • Boeing’s long term forecast states that the aviation industry will need to supply more than two million new aviation personnel – 617,000 commercial airline pilots, 679,000 aircraft maintenance engineers, and 814,000 cabin crew in the next 20 years.
  • Just in term of pilots over the next 20 years, the Asia Pacific region will lead the worldwide growth in demand for pilots, with a requirement for 261,000 new pilots followed by North America with 112,000 pilots. The Middle East will require 64,000 new Pilots while Africa will require 29,000 new Pilots.

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