About Us

Aviationfly started with a simple mission – to provide aspiring pilots with information about ‘How to become a Pilot’ and ‘Where to become a Pilot’ to support them on their journey to start their pilot training.

To achieve this mission the team at Aviationfly built, and continuously improves, a digital platform to provide as much information as possible to aspiring pilots and provide an ecosystem to better connect pilot training organizations / flight schools with aspiring pilots from all over the world.

The vision is to digitally connect the global pilot training stakeholders similar to how the aviation industry has connected the world!

Initially, the focus was on specific regions which had an underdeveloped pilot training infrastructure – Africa, Asia Pacific and the Middle East but the team has since expanded its scope to assist aspiring pilots from all over the globe and aims to provide the most complete information on the global flight school landscape.

Aviationfly support aspiring pilots through educational advisory services to help answer their questions and showcase/connect them with potential flight schools and its online course library which contains both Aviationfly developed and branded courses and courses from 3rd party subject matter experts/organizations.

In addition, the team works with international pilot training organizations / flight schools to enhance their exposure to international aspiring pilots.

While in 2020 Aviationfly covered a number of other features, the team decided in 2021 to launch a second platform and brand it as ‘AFM’ which focuses on the more specific services for the pilot training industry participants including providing market intelligence, Merger’s & Acquisition advisory, management consultancy and digital marketing advisory.

Between the two brands the motto is to provide solutions to better connect the stakeholders of the Pilot Training Ecosystem.

If you are interested to learn more about Aviationfly’s website traffic, visibility, aspiring pilot database and other metrics kindly contact us.

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