Connecting the Pilot Training Ecosystem

Aspiring Pilots, Pilot Training Organisations and Pilot Training Industry Suppliers

Learn more about how Aviationfly aims to better connect the Pilot Training Ecosystem

Aviationfly is a platform which aims to address the following:

  • Aspiring Pilots - Providing information to answer the questions of "How" and "Where" to become a Pilot
  • Pilot Training Organisations & Pilot Training Industry Suppliers - Better connect organizations across the globe


Since our launch we have achieved the following metrics (June 2020):

  • 250,000+ website views
  • 14,000+ registered aspiring pilots
  • 400+ Pilot Training Organisations Network
  • 70+ Civil Aviation Regulators Network has four main sections:
  • Flight School / Pilot Training Organisation Directory - we currently cover over 380+ Pilot Schools (Flight Schools and Simulator Training Organisations), showing general information about the organisation, photo's, video's and its social media presence. This database is constantly being updated and growing (in partnership with Civil Aviation Regulators of each country). You can find our published database here.
  • Pilot Training Industry Supplier Directory - providing Pilot Training organizations and industry stakeholders with a directory of suppliers (from simulator manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers, pilot assessment and selection tools, flight school management software, press release media submissions and many more). You can find the supplier database in our marketplace here.
  • Marketplace for Pilot Training organisations looking for specific products or services - Flight Schools, Simulator Training Center's, Airlines or other Industry stakeholders can post their requests on our platform in order to receive proposals from suppliers. You can find all the requests here.
  • "How to become a Pilot" Country Specific Guides - we are constantly adding "How to become a Pilot" guides for each country that we cover this features the minimum requirements to become a pilot, the training syllabus requirements set by the Civil Aviation Regulator, the different options to become a pilot in that country, possible funding options, tips on how to select a Flight School and possible options for employment after obtaining a Commercial Pilot License.


Who do we help?
  • Pilot Training Organisations - please visit our Flight School Services page
  • Pilot Training Industry Suppliers - please visit our Supplier Services page
  • Aspiring Pilots - Free educational advisory services
  • Airlines - Advisory services for ab-initio training & pilot training infrastructure requirements
  • Investors in the Pilot Training sector - Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) advisory services
  • Other Industry Stakeholders - Advisory services for Industry and Market information


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