Pilot Training Industry Market Research and Intelligence

How do you manage to stay up to date with relevant developments and trends in the Pilot Training Industry?

Did you know that globally there are:

  • 3,200+ Flight Training Organisations
  • 400+ Simulator Training Centers
  • 500+ Pilot Training Industry Supplier
  • 5,000+ Airline

AFM is a technology platform and advisory firm focussed on catering to the demands of pilot training industry stakeholders specializing in market intelligence and advisory services.

AFM.aero has become the Go-to Platform for Pilot Training Industry Market Intelligence covering more than 1,600 Market Intelligence Industry Updates in the following topics;

  • Airline Pilot Training / Cadetship Program announcements
  • Flight School developments
  • Flight School Aircraft orders
  • Training Aircraft Suppliers announcements
  • Simulator Training Center developments
  • Simulator Suppliers announcements
  • Pilot Training Industry Investments
  • Airline Orders
  • AFM Market Research Analysis and more

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