What is the difference between Modular Pilot Training and Integrated Pilot Training?

The difference between Modular Pilot Training and Integrated Pilot Training is that in Modular Pilot Training, you can train at your own pace and train for one license before moving onto the next while in an Integrated Pilot Training program you are training using a full-time curriculum which combines the different training stages and licenses (Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, and usually Instrument Rating and Multi-Engine Rating).

Other key differences between modular and integrated pilot training are:

  • Duration: The duration of training varies but often an integrated pilot training program is quicker due to the full-time nature of the course.
  • Flexibility: You can easily change flight school when you choose the Modular Route as you can train at your own pace and can change schools for the different licenses. You can also take some time off to return to work and earn enough money to begin the next stage of training and license.
  • Investment: By going the modular route a student pilot only pays for a certain stage of training and is not committing themselves to the whole cost of an integrated program. Depending on the pilot requirements by the industry at different times this might be a less-risk approach to getting a pilot license and managing the investment.
  • Airline Training Programs: Often Airline Training programs follow an integrated pilot training curriculum as airlines want to know at which point in time they will get their new pilots.
  • Price: This varies greatly upon the training organization and the time a student takes to complete the training. Sometimes modular training is less expensive than integrated. At other times a return on investment might be quicker using an integrated training route if it leads to quicker employment.

Both training routes lead to the same pilot licenses so it really depends on an individual’s preference of training.

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