What jobs can I have after getting an airline transport pilot license (ATPL)?

With an Airline Transport Pilot License, you can already fly in different types of aviation sectors. Each job has a specific set of requirements and qualifications. But with your ATPL, you have an advantage as you are already considered a licensed and professional pilot. Before you enter your new field, make sure to research the job. Once you are more familiar with the qualifications, you will know how to better prepare yourself, find out what additional courses and training you will need, and learn which skills you may need to improve on.

Here are some examples of Airline Pilot jobs:

  1. Mainline Carrier – Passengers are transported to destinations all over the world.
  2. Regional Airline – A smaller airline that operates “regionally” under one or more mainline brands. Transports passengers domestically with some select international destinations.
  3. Cargo carrier – For companies like FedEx, transporting cargo around the world is a part of their job.
  4. Military Pilot – Fly military aircraft to execute military missions and disaster response.
  5. Flight instructor – Build flight hours and teach the next generation of Aspiring Pilots
  6. Corporate aviation – For a company or business, it is necessary to transport passengers and/or cargo.
  7. Charter operation – Fly to a variety of destinations on a for-hire basis. No fixed schedule.
  8. Ferry operation – Fly an aircraft for the sole purpose of delivering it to an individual or business.
  9. Government service – Fly for government departments like the governor’s office.
  10. Law enforcement – Fly border patrol missions, capture speeders for state troopers, or even locate forest growth facilities.
  11. Fire-fighting – Find a secure route for a fire bomber or fly one yourself.
  12. Emergency medical service – Fly patients, deliver life-saving treatment, and organs are all over the world.
  13. Cropduster operation – Farmland will be sprayed with chemicals/fertilizers.
  14. Media – Fly for news agencies or traffic monitoring organizations.
  15. Tour guide – Passengers can get an amazing view of national wonders as they fly over landmarks and points of interest.
  16. Test pilots – These pilots usually come from a military or technical background, and they use their skills to ensure that new aircraft are safe to fly.

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