Do I Need to Speak English to Become a Pilot?

Yes and no – you will need to understand, speak and be able to write English to a certain standard to get your pilot license but if you do not know English it doesn’t stop you from becoming a Pilot as you can take an Aviation English course before you start your pilot training.

English is the international language of aviation! Pilots are required to speak, understand, write and read in English!

Having one universal language assures that misunderstandings/communication problems will be avoided.

There are different levels of English proficiency:

  • Level 1. Pre-Elementary
  • Level 2. Elementary
  • Level 3. Pre-Operational
  • Level 4. Operational
  • Leve 5. Extended
  • Level 6. Expert

To become a Pilot, you should have Level 5 (Extended) but you could also have Level 4 (Operational) but then you need to have a reassessment test every 3 years. If you have Level 5 (Extended) proficiency, you need to have a reassessment test every 6 years. If you have English Proficiency of Level 6 (Expert), you do not need any more reassessment.

If you are interested in an Aviation English course or have any other questions kindly reach out to us and we will try to provide you with an answer!

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