What does the pilot training medical check cover?

If you’re thinking about becoming a commercial pilot, the first step is to get a Class 1 medical certificate. Before investing money in a flight training program or signing a contract with an Approved Training Organization, make sure first that you are mentally and physically fit to fly.

Here are some mental and physical examinations you may need to undergo:

  • General Health Examination: physical exam to see how your body is performing (overall health)
  • Vision Test: involves a series of tests to evaluate your vision and check for eye diseases
  • Hearing Test: you must be able to hear an average conversational voice in a quiet room using both ears at 6 feet, with the back turned to the examiner
  • Heart Examination: Detects existing cardiovascular disease like hypertension and other conditions
  • Urine Examination: Test that can provide useful information about various diseases and conditions
  • Blood Examination: Used to assess your general state of health or check for infections
  • Mental Examination: Applicant must be in sound mind. For example, the applicant must not have a personality disorder that is severe enough to have repeatedly manifested itself by overt acts
  • Neurological Examination: A series of tests and observations that reflect the function of various parts of the brain. The applicant must not have a medical history or clinical diagnosis of epilepsy, disturbance of consciousness without a satisfactory medical explanation of the cause. No other seizure or any neurological condition that will affect his job as a pilot

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