What are the medical requirements to become a pilot?

There are certain medical requirements that you need to go through to become a Pilot.

You would need to secure a medical certificate for each pilot license. A medical certificate is a document that proves that the applicant is physically and mentally fit to become a Pilot.

There are three kinds of Medical Certificates:

  • Class 1 Medical Certificate – This is the highest level of certificate and allows maximum privileges. This certificate will allow you to be a Captain of an aircraft.
  • Class 2 Medical Certificate – This will allow you to be the second-in-command in an aircraft.
  • Class 3 Medical certificate – This will allow you to have the privileges of a private pilot, recreational pilot, or student pilot.

For these certificates, the following are the medical tests you may need to go through, namely: General Health Examination, Vision Test, Hearing Test, Heart Examination, Urine Examination, Blood Examination, Mental Examination, and Neurological Examination.

Best to check with your local Civil Aviation Authority to learn more the complete lists of tests you may need to undergo.

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